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white shirt

9 tips for wearing a white shirt, make your style unique!

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The white shirt suits everyone illuminates the face and goes well with many items, even the most unexpected ones.

When you think of a quick-change and, above all, always fashionable items of clothing, the first thing that comes to mind is the white shirt. Eterna, beloved by men and adopted with style by women, is the lifesaver of any look, capable of giving allure to even the simplest of outfits. In its simplicity, it is capable of changing an entire look from A to Z.

We all have a white blouse hanging in the closet, no matter what shape it is: for the day, for work, for the evening, for school or university, for an aperitif but also for elegant occasions, once upon a time. worn we can no longer do without it!


Your shirt speaks of you, of who you are, of your style. It can become rock or bon ton depending on how you combine it. You can put it on the beach or under a tuxedo with a masculine cut. It will always be good. The important thing is that you choose it taking into account some considerations:

  1. Don’t get it too tight or too loose. It must fit you perfectly. To evaluate it, make sure that your back is right.
  2. As for the fabric, the advice is to take it in cotton or silk. To avoid unpleasant sweating problems. Many synthetic fabrics, in fact, have the contraindication of not letting the skin transpire and of creating those unsightly halos under the armpits.
  3. If you want to be sporty, the shirt should be worn outside. For an elegant and chic style, however, you can decide to wear the white shirt inside the pants or high-waisted skirts. Then make sure that there are no bulges or folds under the fabric.
  4. If you wear a shirt it is good to opt for long sleeves rather than short ones and, possibly, roll up the sleeves up to above the elbow, with the collar unbuttoned.
  5. These days it is fashionable to button the shirt completely, including the collar. An exception is made in the case where the sleeves are rolled up to the elbow. Also, never keep the collar up or put it over jackets. It should always be kept under.
  6. A garment of this type is extremely versatile and can be combined with practically any other color obtaining, from time to time, a different effect. To be trendy and sporty you can combine it with blue jeans, for an office look. However, you can wear it together with a black pencil skirt. If, on the other hand, you want to go to the beach, wear a white shirt with a skirt of nice bright color, such as yellow or orange. For an elegant evening, but not too formal, try to play it down by using suspenders or wearing a bow tie.
  7. It must not swaddle you: especially if it is made of fabrics such as oxford or cotton poplin, it is not nice to see the shoulders or bust that pull. And even less the buttons that try hard to get to the buttonhole.
  8. It must have the right length: which means that you can also choose it long below the hips if you prefer not to show them, nobody forbids you. Conversely, if the waistline is your strong point, opt for something shorter and more fitted, which just comes out of the pullover.
  9. The linen must be nude in color.

Let’s find out how to wear them together!

OFFICE STYLEwhite shirt

This is the most classic combination, with the tallieur skirt or trousers, perfect for everyday work occasions in the office or for any occasion in which we want to feel professional. To be embellished with ultra-feminine jewels so as not to be too anonymous. To avoid the black suit, a pearl gray for example, very delicate, or a bright navy blue is better.


Make the blouse more casual by combining it with a pair of jeans and a black or colored jacket. It will be a perfect daytime look.


For a dinner with your boyfriend, choose a precious white shirt, in silk or satin, combined with a very high waisted skirt, in a contrasting color. As an alternative to the skirt, you can wear very wide and light palazzo pants with a fluttering effect.

ROCK STYLEwhite shirt

To go out dancing it is perfect combined with very showy and sparkling sequined accessories, important necklaces, and very high shoes, with plateau. The short, fitted white shirt is perfect for this outfit. You can also have fun playing wearing a bow tie for a, particularly trendy evening.


As Kate Middleton teaches us, the combination of a naive scarf, a blue double-breasted navy jacket. And pastel salmon-colored trousers are perfect for creating an elegant, classic look, but with an extra touch of originality.


For the sporty style, it will be a perfect pairing with boyfriend cut jeans. Wide along the leg, an open sweatshirt or a denim jacket, and a pair of canvas sneakers. Perfect for the youngest or for leisure.

EASY STYLEwhite shirt

All it takes is a pair of dark leggings, contrasting flats. A thin belt at the waist, and your white cotton blouse. To add as needed a soft cardigan for the first cold weather and a very long necklace. Comfortable and chic, with simplicity.