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Casual outfits: how to combine them according to the season

Casual outfits: how to combine them according to the season

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The casual outfits of 2020-2021 take up some seasonal icons to combine them in a super cool way. The inevitable white t-shirt, leather jacket, scarf, or boots: can you imagine a season without it? We don’t, and we offer them here in the trendiest combinations: whether it’s winter, summer, spring or autumn, the important thing will be not to make too many mistakes, such as those relating to the matching of patterns.

Whether you are more sporty or super chic, the casual outfits of 2020 and 2021 will allow you to find the right solution based on your personality. Because today it is a mistake to believe that “casual” simply means casual, cheap, or impersonal. This word has adapted to the evolution of fashion, and to the ever more constant personalization of casual outfits. If we tell you t-shirt and jeans, a historic casual outfit, we are more than certain that everyone will imagine a different solution, from very low-waisted skinny jeans with white t-shirts, to high-waisted jeans, normal fit, with crop top t-shirts with a vintage flavor. This is because, today, “casual” means affirming one’s personality, finding a way to express it at its best, without sacrificing comfort, and feeling comfortable in the clothes you are wearing. And here are our proposals.

Casual winter outfit: welcome long coat!Casual outfits: how to combine them according to the season

The casual winter outfits 2020-2021 shows us how to face the cold without losing dignity. We must not give up on garments that warm us, on the contrary, we must learn to wear the down jacket in a casual chic way and combine it in the right way: have you ever thought, for example, of hiding a 100 grams under a long coat or a wool cape? The winter casual outfits have the advantage of not force us into skimpy coats that, however beautiful, do not guarantee that warmth which in many cases saves lives. The secret for a perfect winter 2020-2021 is the long coat, also with a masculine or kimono cut, which allows us to disguise the bulkier sweaters and jackets. To play down a long coat look, you can opt for a pair of running sneakers, or a stiletto with a heel, an essential element for any casual outfit! Given the large volumes of winter jackets and coats, focus on skinny trousers, both jeans, and more classic ones, both high-waisted and not. The important thing is to taper the general lines of the figure. And if you are a fan of palazzo trousers, don’t worry slim your figure with a boot or a platform!

For casual spring outfits, opt for cheerfulness and pastel colorsCasual outfits: how to combine them according to the season

The casual outfit of spring is the emblem of joy: blooming flowers, the colors come alive, grow shorter lengths and comfort mixes perfectly with the style minidress mono-color, worn with tights or without for the most courageous, to combine with colored sneakers and imaginative backpacks, perhaps in bright colors; floral fabrics in pastel shades of blue, pink but also yellow and green, perfect with amphibians or ankle boots. Leather jacket but above all fabric blazer to match even the most sporty looks. Skinny jeans and maxi sweatshirts, or high-waisted trousers with crop top sweaters and platform shoes. The secret is to be able to feel comfortable but without giving up style, especially in a period like spring when it also blossoms emotionally and you want to start living socially again! In short, give vent to your femininity, a bit hidden during the cold winter. For spring 2020 casual outfits we rely on those who dictate fashion: be inspired by the spring looks of the stars:

Casual Summer Outfit: Go with the mix of styles and colors!Casual outfits: how to combine them according to the season

The casual summer outfits are the ones that allow us to best express the more jaunty or vigorous side of our personality. Unmissable item: the versatile white t-shirt, perfect for any occasion, to be worn with denim shorts, but also with a bell-shaped midi skirt and a heeled sandal. Afterward, the summer casual outfits include fantasy and courage, a mix of colors and textures, but also a mix of styles: combining an elegant dress with a more sporty summer shoe is almost a casual summer must-have. Bags also make us dream in summer: from maxi bags from the brightest shades to the clutches to be worn like real gems, full of personality and determination! And if you want to follow the coolest accessory trends of the summer, you can’t give up on the fanny pack! Whether in leather or fabric, in neutral or bright colors, this accessory is comfortable, stylish and allows us to give a fashionable and street-style touch to even the most elegant outfits. Look here:

The casual autumn outfits are a tribute to the colors of the foliageCasual outfits: how to combine them according to the season

Soft fabrics, long floral dresses to combine with amphibians or ankle boots, but above all she, the queen of the casual autumn outfit: the leather jacket. Whether you prefer classic in black, or color, from pink to light blue, the leather jacket gives a casual touch to even the most refined of looks. Perfect on light and fluttering dresses, but also on baggy trousers and shirts, the leather jacket represents the rock soul hidden in all of us. The colors change shades, giving precedence to burgundy, also perfect with shades of pink, beige, orange, but also gray, dark brown, and cream. Everything refers to the magic of autumn leaves, the coolness that creeps between the rays of the sun, and the desire to get back into the game typical of this season. The lace-up is the autumn casual shoe par excellence, perfect with original tights, and perfect for those days when the first rains peep between an aperitif and a day with friends. Take a cue from here for your casual autumn outfits:

The casual-chic outfits perfect for any occasionCasual outfits: how to combine them according to the season

The advantage of casual chic outfits is precisely this: if you are suddenly invited to an aperitif with colleagues or an evening with your boyfriend, they will not let you be unprepared. They are the perfect mix between an everyday look and an original and refined look. The accessories are the masters, depending on the season: for a casual chic outfit in the winter, betting on a particular sweater, to be matched to denim and lace or white pants with a high waist and stiletto, and on a beautiful wraparound and special scarf, which will give a touch of elegance even to the sportiest look; for a casual chic summer outfit, on the other hand, opt for flashy earrings, bracelets, and original necklaces, but above all on a bag that attracts attention even if you simply wear a denim skirt and sneakers.

For a casual chic evening outfit, on the other hand, you can focus on shoes: combine a platform with leather leggings and an oversized sweater, or a knee-high boot with structured minidresses and opaque stockings.