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Modern bedroom: sleep well and in style

Modern bedroom: sleep well and in style

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If you love minimalism and purity of lines, but without forgetting a little warmth, then the modern bedroom is for you. Discover the advice of our interior design experts and transform the sleeping area into a true oasis of well-being. Start with the bed, the real heart of the room, then combine furniture and decorative accessories to create a stylish environment. Get inspired by our guide and choose from neutral shades, color block contrasts, and much more. Bring a breath of freshness into your nights!

Tips for the modern bedroomModern bedroom: sleep well and in style

To furnish a modern bedroom in a harmonious way, following a precise fil rouge, we have compiled a list of small tips to keep in mind. They will serve you as a reference when designing your new sleeping area.

Follow the philosophy of the great modern architect Mies van der Rohe and aim for essentiality. A bedroom is a place of rest, it is better to avoid too bright and lively colors. Also, choose a few quality furniture instead of overfilling the room.

Create a symphony of colors

Careful color selection is essential in the modern bedroom. As a rule, you shouldn’t use more than three colors at a time, to avoid a too confusing final effect.

In praise of form

Focus on simple lines for elegance in step with the times. No to overly decorated furniture, yes to minimalist geometries, light wood, and essential shapes

Choose your modern styleModern bedroom: sleep well and in style

When it comes to modern furniture, we don’t refer to just one style: the possibilities are endless! If you like playing with materials, shapes, patterns, and colors, now is the right time to test your creativity. In the panorama of current home d├ęcor trends, there are some particularly popular inspirations. Choose your favorite from those ideal for a modern bedroom.


Lightwood, natural materials, simple shapes, and graphic motifs are the cornerstones of the Scandinavian style, inspired by the warmth of the houses of Northern Europe.

Modern naturalModern bedroom: sleep well and in style

Neutral earth tones, mixed to create a feeling of naturalness, characterize this trend. Raffia, rattan, jute, and pale leather complete the look, which blends beautifully with a white base.


Think about the things you really need and then get rid of everything else. Lots of white, strong contrasting colors, simplicity, and pure lines are the expression of this super modern mood.

Choose the bed of your dreamsModern bedroom: sleep well and in style

The bed is the element that stands out most in the sleeping area and for this reason, it is good to carefully evaluate the purchase. Small, large, high, low, with base or slats: the variations in a contemporary key are many, but what matters is your comfort. So pay attention not only to the structure but also to the mattress.

Light colors, such as gray, beige, and cream, blend well into an essential style. Complete the mood with sheets, pillows, and bedspreads, respecting the reference palette. To enhance the beauty of the bed, place it against a wall with no doors or windows. According to Feng Shui, they should be located on the opposite side or to the side.

Furniture and accessories for the modern bedroom

Once you’ve decided on the bed, furnish everything else. Maintaining an idea of order and functionality is fundamental: this is why bedside tables, chest of drawers, wardrobe, or console cannot be missing. It can also be just one of these elements – it all depends on the number of things you need to organize.

Choose each new element using the color scheme and style of the bed as a point of reference. For example, in the case of the Scandinavian style, yes to furniture in light and raw wood, combined with natural fabrics such as wool and cotton. If you’ve opted for a cooler look, played with black and white contrasts, you might as well add a third color for smaller furniture.

How to furnish a modern bedroom in 6 steps

The bedroom is the most welcoming place in the house, where you can rest after an endless day of work. Here the watchword is total relaxation. By the way, did you know that on average we spend 24 years of our life sleeping? That’s why it’s important to make it special.

To furnish a modern bedroom in the best possible way, targeted but essential moves are enough. Here’s how to find harmony between furnishings and decorations, step by step.

First, find a modern color palette. Gray, black and white are a classic choice when it comes to the modern bedroom, but you can spice it up with more intense and warm colors. In order not to overload, use only two or three shades.

Put the bed in the center, in every sense! It must be the heart of the room, so choose it with great care, then complete with the other furniture. Add bedspreads, decorative pillows and you’re already halfway there.

No cold feet when you get up. For added comfort, spread soft modern rugby the bedside, which will make the room more welcoming and beautiful.

Between books, telephone, handkerchiefs, and more, the bedside table becomes chaotic. That’s why we recommend adding a bedside bench to keep everything in its place and out of sight.

The ceiling light often offers a very intense light source, which does not allow you to create the right intimacy. We advise you to play with light and shadow thanks to designing arc lamps, bedside lamps, and light chains, brilliant to recreate a relaxing mood. Curtains and shutters will be the final touch to abandon you to rest.

Last, but least, complete with decorations. Find a balance by dosing the number of accessories. A decorative wall element, an elegant vase of fresh flowers and a few scented candles are perfect for embellishing a modern bedroom. Have a nice rest!