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How to decorate a white bedroom

How to decorate a white bedroom

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In the common imagination, white has always been a symbol of purity and serenity. Thanks to its neutral tone it expresses the power of natural light to the maximum. It is no coincidence that it is often used to recreate environments based on relaxation and rest. One of the best results of this color choice is undoubtedly the white bedroom. And what color is your bedroom?

White, in addition to being easily combined with other colors, also blends easily with different styles of furniture. By continuing to read, you will discover how white does not clash with any design idea, but also how to play with textiles and accessories to recreate an original and unique bedroom.

White bedroom: which style to choose?

It doesn’t rain in color: it will obviously be white! But which style of furniture to choose? Let’s find out which of the following will stimulate your imagination the most.

White bedroom in shabby style

Choosing a shabby chic style means loving settings that are romantic and rustic at the same time. To characterize the style are the soft colors, among which white is fully included as one of the most used. Indeed, we can say that it is the key tone of this style.

Shabby chic also rhymes with creativity: it is particularly focused on the recovery of antique objects and furniture which are given a new life, often decorating and repainting them in white, the perfect color to give a worn effect. In a shabby-style white bedroom, the lines evoke that Victorian-style romanticism: the furnishings are embellished with decorative elements with a simple and minimalist design.How to decorate a white bedroom

White bedroom in a contemporary style

The relaxing atmosphere typical of a contemporary style white bedroom is expressed through innovation.

The furnishing elements will follow modern shapes that will sway between the essential lines of a minimal style so in vogue and daring creativity. The furniture in this white bedroom will stand out for being lacquered or glossy with some matte finish. They will be devoid of inlays and those decorations typical of classic furniture.

In a contemporary bedroom, the design also embraces the concept of space optimization. In this way, beds with retractable containers and modular wardrobes will not be missing to organize the environment according to your needs and ensure maximum living comfort. If you have space problems at home, you will find ingenious solutions in this article: Space-saving furniture: great ideas for small spacesHow to decorate a white bedroom

White bedroom in Scandinavian style

The Scandinavian style is based on simplicity, which is reflected in the choice of natural materials and simple and well-defined lines. In the Nordic countries, the hours of sunshine are quite short, and for this reason the goal of a Scandinavian white bedroom will be to bring out the natural light as much as possible. In addition to white, often declined in a total white version, the presence of large windows will be relevant.

The spirit of the tundra and the Nordic woods lives on in the furnishings: wood will be the main material. It evokes warm, welcoming, and comfortable sensations that will make the white bedroom the ideal place to escape from the frenzy of everyday life. The lines will be essential and often Spartan beds, wardrobes without doors and in some cases, even simple clothes racks will be preferred.How to decorate a white bedroom

What colors to match?

In a white bedroom, logically white will be the predominant color, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t break up the monochrome with the right combinations. Fabrics, curtains, and furnishing elements can take on different shades as long as they do not contrast with the harmony of the room.

Among the colors that easily approach white, there are those that derive from wood. One of the most fashionable ones is the dove gray which can become the ideal shade for the bedspread and for the curtains. In the shabby chic style, however, large cushions frequently find space. For these furnishing elements, you can use pastel colors such as green or blue to brighten up the environment.

Strong shades such as black and gray are increasingly popular in the latest furniture trends. It is certainly not advisable to play on such bright contrasts in a white bedroom. However, you can take up a more contemporary style of furniture by combining the whiteness of white with fabrics or other light gray components.

White bedroom: tips to avoid mistakes

The white bedroom is a small oasis of relaxation where you can enjoy a well-deserved rest and also dedicate time to yourself, for example by immersing yourself in the pages of a book. However, in the long run, the total white will be slightly boring.

It is therefore good to balance it with the right furniture choices that must always respect that Zen atmosphere of the white bedroom. One of the first solutions is to concentrate the paintings on a single wall, and not scatter them all over the walls. Doing so will maintain that feeling of order and balance that characterizes the white color.

To brighten up the room and distract attention from the white, small tricks are enough. For example, a shelf with small green plants is able to give a flash of vitality to the surrounding space by itself.

One of the most important aspects of a white bedroom is light. In addition to exploiting the natural one, it will also be interesting to reproduce its effects by installing LED light strips. Finally, remember that a white bedroom is like a painter’s canvas: you can give vent to your creativity by decorating it to your liking without ever neglecting the virtues of this unique color.