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cool colors painting

Cool Colors Painting for Bedroom

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First of all, you are probably wondering what cool colors are? For this, we have to rely on the chromatic circle. To summarize a bit, cold colors, according to color theory, are those that are related to green or blue, while warm colors are those that are related to red or yellow. This time we will talk about cool colors painting for bedrooms, as they are an excellent option for decorating interiors, as they are rooms that will be greatly benefited from these shades. You should not be afraid to decorate with cold tones, in well-lit spaces, with good sunlight during the day. They are a safe bet.

What are the effects of cool colors painting?

When we talk about warm colors and cold colors, we are referring to the color temperature. This refers to the thermal and also psychological sensation of the same. That is the effect that colors produce on people. We have seen some of this in an article where we talked about the psychology of color and offered color ideas for bedrooms, but this time we will refer to cold colors in particular.

cool colors painting

Cold colors, such as turquoise, blue, violet, and indigo, are associated with passivity, provoke a sense of serenity, withdrawal, and invite sentimentality. They are also associated with remoteness and, in general, with everything that has to do with the cold.

Cold colors for bedrooms and refreshing the environment provide a lot of calm, something essential where we will rest. Be careful. You also have to know how to differentiate between light and dark, cold colors. Next, we will give you all the keys to these colors for rooms. Read on and take notes.

Bedrooms in blue

Of all the colors that can be used in the decoration of bedrooms, not only the cold ones, but all, blue is the king. Yes, it is the most used color in children’s bedrooms and bedrooms for adults. It is not surprising because the psychology of color is very clear when it talks about its properties and its effect on people. Blue is capable of calming the mind, at the same time that it connects us with nature, with infinite spaces such as the sky and the ocean. Thus, in all its variants (strong and clear), the blue color in bedrooms will always be welcome. You can combine it with white or include other striking and complementary colors such as orange or yellow.

Bedrooms in green

Although blue always comes out first that comes to mind when it comes to cold colors, it is not the only one, not by far. There would also be tones such as lilac or purple, and their variants, as well as green. This color is another of those great jewels in bedroom decoration. Green brings the serenity of blue and the connection with the greenery and open spaces in the open air. Green is also said to be the color of hope. These are more than enough reasons to include it in our color palette for painting bedrooms.

Bedroom paints: combine cool colors with white

Cool bedroom colors can take up everything. There is no problem as long as we have good lighting, both natural and artificial. However, it must be remembered that combined with shades such as white. The thing will work much better. The result will be much brighter and more welcoming without recharging. If you are looking for bedroom paints, a good alternative would be to paint a single wall blue, the one at the headboard, for example, and leave the rest blank. You can also add the color to textiles like bedspreads, curtains, cushions, or rugs.

The darkest cool colors

Although cool light colors are much more suitable for bedrooms, we cannot reject darker tones. They are interesting. Yes, they indeed dwarf the rooms, so you must make sure that your bedroom has large doses of light. However, they have a lot of decorative power. Of course, if we mix them with white or neutral colors, we will soften instead of reloading the rooms.

Tip: Cool colors painting in bedrooms look great with wooden furniture and floors.