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Christmas Outfits

Christmas Outfits that will even make Santa Claus envy

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Christmas makes us all better, it is true, but this does not mean that we are allowed to dress at random with what we find in the closet. especially on Christmas day!

Around the web, I see Christmas outfits with really terrifying combinations. And I felt the need to immediately create a guide to run for cover.

People who dress all in black ( not even Morticia Addams ). People who dress all phosphorescent ( not even Lady Gaga ). People who dress peeped ( not even Malgioglio ).

In short, it’s not good. A little decorum, girls, especially on Christmas day.

I had already created a guide last year, with 5 outfit ideas on How to Dress for Christmas and I had divided them by “category”. For those who celebrated with relatives, for those who celebrated on a cruise, in a disco, and so on.

This year I want to be even more precise and create Christmas outfits for every body shape. From the series ” what you do I don’t care ‘na saw, the important thing is that you dress with dignity “.

I don’t want to have hundreds of Italian women showing off witch looks on my conscience, the epiphany is still far away, so put those brooms back in and, rather, take a pen and paper and write down these 10 tips on the best Christmas outfits.

How to create the perfect Christmas outfit?Christmas Outfits

Let’s start with the basics. To dress decently for Christmas, it is essential to know how to dress well and point. This means knowing how to dress well for any occasion, be it Christmas, New Year’s Eve, or Birthday.

For a vague idea of ​​how to do this, I refer you to the post ” How to dress well “, where you will find important style secrets to create women’s looks that even your boss could envy you.

Secondly, let’s try to pull down a mini ranking of Christmas outfits you should NEVER wear!

What Happens: We say no to those who dress as if they were going to the grocery store on a Wednesday night after work. Ok, we’re not celebrating Christmas with Queen Elizabeth but if you decide to celebrate it, a minimum, and I mean a minimum, grab yourself. Otherwise, if you don’t dress well even at Christmas, what are you celebrating?

the Excessive: okay, mea culpa, I said to catch up … BUT NOT TOO MUCH! You are not Cinderella that poraccia, that at Christmas will be anything but comfortable. No to princely clothes:  fairy tales do not exist.

the Deceased: no, no, ABSOLUTELY NO to total black. But what is it ??? Christmas is a day of celebration, let’s celebrate Baby Jesus who was born, do you think you present yourself to a newborn as if he had just died?

the Harlequin: the Draq Queen effect let’s keep it for carnival. If you have a sequined sweater, metallic leatherette pants, neon shoes, and a coat that changes color intermittently, here: FORGET IT! This is NOT a good outfit for Christmas.

Now that we know what we must avoid at all costs, let’s see together what we should wear instead.

As you know I am a fan of red for Christmas so you will find a hint of red in all the Christmas outfits that I will present to you! In fact, I’ll do better. I’ll show you how much looks change for each shape, despite the fact that the colors remain the same (or almost)!

Then, to avoid various quarrels, I have included for each shape a Christmas outfit with a skirt and one with pants for those who want to stay more comfortable! In addition, in my Amazon store I have created lists with the garments that I recommend for each body shape, I recommend you take a look at it !!

The Christmas outfit for the woman in Pera

As you know the body in Pera needs to highlight the upper body. There are already no boobs if we hide them in addition… and that’s not good!

So take everything out of the closet that highlights your neck, shoulders, and decollete! For the bottom instead, as you know by heart, you have to use dark and A-shaped garments.

Flared or palazzo pants and wide skirts (or dresses) that hide the hips are fine.

For shoes, if you can, it would be a super nice high heel, better if thin to slim down the calves and legs. Otherwise, if you can’t keep your heels too high, look for a nude and possibly pointed shoe (which this year is very fashionable and then stretches your leg).

In this case, I have put you a couple of choices of Shein and Romwe (I always take a lot of clothes for myself), combined with a white fur coat (absolutely ECO) and an accessory that we can find in all male and female wrists this’ year: the Daniel Wellington.

Christmas look for the hourglass bodyChristmas Outfits

Also for the Hourglass body, we have a choice of skirt and choice of trousers.

I got the red dress from Shein and I got it for myself too. You can see it worn by me in this other POST. I had chosen black but for Christmas, it seems perfect in this shade.

As we know, the hourglass must try to maintain the balance of its body, so try not to create too much separation between the upper and lower part of the body.

For the choice of trousers, I opted for a flared black garment that you can wear both with a heel and, if you prefer, also with an ankle boot. The white shirt with black lace seems super suitable for this occasion, but if you prefer you can prefer a blouse of another color. Maybe green or red.

Then I chose a black fur coat (similar to the one I have), a Michael Kors watch, and Pin Up Couture shoes that literally drive me crazy!

Outfit for the Apple Christmas holidaysChristmas Outfits

I particularly like the Christmas outfit I created for Apple!

In the first case, I chose a flowery dress, which you can wear with dark stockings and knee-high boots ( let’s highlight those beautiful legs on them! ).

For the most comfortable look, on the other hand, I preferred a sweater that, if you want, you can use as a dress, or you can wear it with leggings or black trousers. The important thing is that it is super snug. In fact, I recommend either the Freddy trousers that I put you here or, as an alternative, a skinny in leather (or imitation leather) with nice fitting.

These boots are great for you, but you can also choose something less flashy.

The Christmas attire of the Rectangle PhysicistChristmas Outfits

Here I indulged myself! The rectangles are always the ones that can wear what they want -them-, and therefore I decided that for you rectangle I would choose some special outfits!

So let’s start with the blouse that I fell madly in love with (and in fact, I think I’ll buy it for me too because it’s fine for hourglasses too). This can be combined with jeans, or even a nice white or cream or beige trousers.

Ditto for the dress. In the photo he is presented with a white sweatshirt, which actually fits. If you want to be a little more elegant instead, I suggest you put on a nice shirt.

A nice long-sleeved turtleneck sweater would also be perfect as an alternative. Of those nice stretch ones. And these around you can find as many as you want!

For the dress, I liked the idea of ​​combining it with knee-high boots, also to create some movement to the figure, since there are not many shapes to play on.

Otherwise, you can also wear low-leg boots… and heels!

The Christmas outfit of the inverted triangle physique

Also for the Inverted Triangle body, I created some looks that I really like!

We don’t have to add anything else to the red dress because it speaks for itself. I find it truly enchanting.

For the second look, I chose a beige blouse that you can match either with a leather skirt (as shown in the photo), or, alternatively, even leather leggings.

For the shoes I chose this model by Guess so that they can be combined with everything, otherwise, you can also opt for a low boot.