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top beautiful Russian women

These are top beautiful Russian women

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The list of the 100 beautiful Russian women in the Slavic country. Both its readers and a jury made up of “specially selected experts” or, according to the magazine itself, “famous and respected men whose sexual orientation is indisputable” participated in the vote.

Maxim’s list has 100 most beautiful Russian women, and here we tell you in detail who are the girls who have entered the top-5.

1. Irina Shayktop beautiful Russian women

For the second time in a row, this famous and beautiful Russian model is placed in the first place.

Irina was born into a mining family in the Russian Chelyabinsk region. She was known for her relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo, and later with Bradley Cooper, with whom she broke up this year. In fact, fans of the model suspected that Cooper had left Irina for Lady Gaga, prompting a huge organized action on the singer’s Instagram.

As for Irina, she kept working and in September appeared in shows for Versace and Isabel Marant, and has starred in a perfume ad for Jean-Paul Gaultier.

2. Liubov Aksionovatop beautiful Russian women

This is the fifth appearance on the 29-year-old actress’s list. Liubov was born in Moscow and from a young age she showed interest in the film industry and whenever she could she would go on stage. He made his first series and television appearance in 2010.

Last year he ranked 6th in the ranking.

3. Olga Seriabkina

Olga Seriabkina, also known as MOLLY, is a Russian singer. She was part of the female pop group Serebro. It debuted in 2007 at the Eurovision Song Contest, where it took third place with the songĀ  Song # 1. The artist left the group in 2019, after 13 years.

Last year it was also ranked third in Maxim magazine. In his previous appearances, in 2016 and 2017, he came in at 9th and 7th place, respectively.

4. Viktoria Odintsovatop beautiful Russian women

This young Russian model, 26, has become an Instagram star. The girl never tires of pleasing millions of followers with spectacular photos of her beautiful figure. It also has a provocative side: the photo of her hanging unsecured atop a skyscraper in Dubai caused a web sensation.

Viktoria appears on Maxim’s list for the first time and is ranked 4th.

5. Yana Koshkinatop beautiful Russian women

The 29-year-old actress and television host has had many different roles. But she became famous when she played Snezhana on the comedy CHOP. Yana combines her work as an actress with being a model, in addition to dedicating a lot of time to gymnastics.

It is the third time that Yana Koshkina is on the list of the sexiest women in Russia. Last year he ranked 21st.

Victoria Arbaiza is a Russian-Spanish collaborator of Russia Beyond, who graduated in Philology, specializing in topics related to Russian traditions and links between Russia and Spain and Latin America.