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Keanu Reeves biography of a different celebrity

Keanu Reeves biography of a different celebrity

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Keanu Reeves, the famous protagonist of The Matrix, is a different celebrity. On one of his birthdays, he was caught celebrating alone, with a small cake and a coffee, in the middle of the street. He shared “his delicacies” with everyone who came to greet him.

Keanu Reeves’ name became world-famous after the screening of the film The Matrix and the saga that followed. Apparently, he is another of many Hollywood hunkies, successful, full of money, and admired around the world. However, to the surprise of many, this is not the case. This fabulous actor is a marked departure from the normal celebrity pattern.

In the life of Keanu Reeves, moments of glory have alternated with great personal tragedies. The most admirable thing is its resilience capacity. He has turned difficult experiences into learning that he applies consistently. He does not pretend to be a guru or a saint, but someone capable of recognizing and valuing what is truly important in life. He is an inspiration for those who witness his wisdom.

Keanu Reeves’ difficult childhoodKeanu Reeves biography of a different celebrity

Keanu Reeves was born in Beirut, Lebanon, on September 2, 1964. His father was an American of Hawaiian and Chinese descent. His mother was of English origin. He had a sister, two years younger than him. The actor’s childhood was marked by alcoholism and the abuse of his father. He left the family when Keanu was just 3 years old.

Keanu Reeves’ father was arrested for selling drugs. While in jail he obtained his high school degree. Keanu practically met him when he was 6 years old and later, saw him a second time, when he was 13 years old. Later, she never met him again.

To overcome the shortages, his mother worked striptease in nightclubs. Often she brought men into the house. The family moved to Australia and then the United States. In New York, the mother married a Broadway director and they all moved to Canada. The union lasted only one year.

A life marked by tragedyKeanu Reeves biography of a different celebrity

In addition to the instability he had to endure as a child, Keanu Reeves faced another ordeal. His only sister came down with leukemia and although he overcame the disease, the experience left a profound impact on him. Years later, his sister had a relapse and again went through dark times.

Reeves decided he wanted to pursue acting after an injury that prevented him from playing hockey, which he considered his true calling. He never finished high school, but from a very young age, he was inclined to art. His father helped him to go to work in the United States. One of his first shoots was My Private Idaho.

There he met who would become his best friend, River Phoenix, the younger brother of the famous Joaquin Phoenix. However, he was addicted to drugs and died of a cocaine and heroin overdose at a very young age. Reeves blamed himself for this for a long time, thinking that perhaps he could have done more for his friend.

Misadventures and resilience

In 1999, his girlfriend Jennifer Syme, who was an actress and also his personal assistant, was expecting a child from him. Right on Christmas day, she gave birth to a girl, prematurely. The little girl was stillborn. This plunged the actress into a severe depression, which had to be treated with medication. A year and a half later, she was in a car accident while on her way to a party. She died immediately.

A year later his sister had a relapse of cancer and Reeves put aside all commitments he had to be with her. Despite all these tragedies and difficulties, Keanu Reeves has managed to get ahead, in the best way. Unlike other celebrities, he lives in a modest apartment and gets around by subway.

He has donated most of his fortune to charities that fight cancer, on the sole condition that his name is not mentioned. He has also donated money to poor hospitals. Those contributions are believed to total several million dollars.

His decision has been to lead a simple life. He has repeated that neither money nor fame is the most important thing to him. He loves to take motorcycle tours and has studied Buddhism thoroughly, although he does not consider himself a Buddhist as such. He is a calm man, who knows the value of emotional ties and knows that life is much more than Hollywood.