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Italian beaches: 7 paradisiacal bays to be discovered

Italian beaches: 7 paradisiacal bays to be discovered

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Due to the coronavirus, what we are experiencing is undoubtedly a particular year and many of those who had planned their honeymoon in an overseas destination has changed the direction of travel of their journey to the beautiful country. Definitely an excellent choice, Italy is a country rich in art, history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes, ideal for experiencing moments of pure romance and for exchanging love phrases.

Today we turn to those who left-invariant the date of the wedding announcements and chose to celebrate the marriage in spite of everything this year: if you’re looking for the perfect place for a honeymoon all Italian come and discover with us these seven heavenly beaches of our country!

1. Cala Rossa in Favignana

A real natural paradise of unparalleled beauty, Cala Rossa is located on the island of Favignana in Sicily and belongs to the natural reserve of the Egadi archipelago. It takes its name from the bloodshed by the Carthaginians, defeated by the Romans during the First Punic War.

Once on this small island, you will be totally charmed by the vigorous scenery of the Mediterranean scrub, by the celestial color of its unique sea, and by the landscapes of rare beauty.

After taking a bath in its crystal clear waters, treat yourself to a delicious pistachio granita and a delicious “pane cunzatu”!

2. Fjord of FuroreItalian beaches: 7 paradisiacal bays to be discovered

A glimpse of wild paradise and the flagship of eco-tourism, this small and narrow fjord is made up of a deep crack in the rock produced by the fury of the waters of the sea and a stream. It is located between Amalfi and Agerola and was elected by Unesco in 1997 as a World Heritage Site. The fjord hosts a small beach with a blue sea surrounded by olive groves, vineyards, and vast evergreen vegetation where you will be inebriated by scents that will probably bring to mind that unforgettable fragrance that had the bouquet of flowers of your wedding.

When you arrive in this small paradise corner it seems to relive a déjà-vu because this land has been the stage for many cults of the big screen, it was in fact the favorite destination of many personalities from the world of cinema, including Fellini, Rossellini, Anna Magnani, and many others.

3. Cala Feola, Ponza

Cala Feola is a natural inlet located on the island of Ponza accessible by land via a path in the locality of Le Forna. In this magnificent place, nature literally triumphs, offering those who visit it unforgettable scents, colors, and landscapes. Its name derives from the settlers who lived there.

The beach is the only one in the whole island to be entirely sandy, it also has a shallow seabed and is easily practicable.

If you are thinking of making a stop on the Ponziane islands, here you will find everything you need for a comfortable stay at your disposal, so let’s talk about bars, chalets, and restaurants for an exclusive evening in which you want to indulge in a candlelit dinner wearing some beautiful elegant formal dresses. Also do not miss a visit to the “Natural Pools”, loved by young people and tourists.

4. Rotonda beach in TropeaItalian beaches: 7 paradisiacal bays to be discovered

Calabria offers suggestive coasts overlooking the Ionian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea in which to enjoy a magnificent honeymoon. In this case, we recommend the Rotonda beach in Tropea. This wonderful beach opens up close to a cliff overlooking the sea and is characterized by a coast of white sand, clear waters, and views that take your breath away.

It is also bordered by the rock of San Leonardo, where the small beach of the cannon is located, hidden behind the pier of the tourist port; if you have chosen Calabria for your honeymoon, do not forget to visit this beach which many define as one of the most beautiful in the region.

5. Capo Bianco beach, Elba IslandItalian beaches: 7 paradisiacal bays to be discovered

A striking beach is known for its beauty, small white pebbles and crystal clear sea. Capo Bianco beach is located on the northern side of the Island of Elba in Portoferraio, distinguished by the high white cliffs and a turquoise blue sea. Also, if you love snorkeling, put your smart shoes aside and get yourself a nice pair of fins and diving equipment.

6. Guvano beach, Corniglia

Uncontaminated sea, wild nature, and picturesque villages perfectly nestled between sea and mountains, this and more are the Cinque Terre, a jagged and rocky stretch of coast along the eastern Ligurian side in the province of La Spezia.

Among the most beautiful beaches in this area is that of Guvano in Corniglia, characterized by a crescent-shaped coastline surrounded by a splendid natural setting. A sandy and pebble beach particularly suitable for those looking for a wild place away from the spotlight.

7. Marina Piccola, CapriItalian beaches: 7 paradisiacal bays to be discovered

If you are on the island of Capri and are looking for a place to enjoy a beautiful view of the Faraglioni, Marina Piccola is definitely for you. A fascinating bay on the southern side of the island protected behind it by a steep rock wall that divides it into two small beaches: Marina di Mulo and Marina di Pennauro. It is said that from the “Scoglio delle Sirene” Ulysses was tempted by their irresistible song.