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Turkish actors you should know

Turkish actors you should know and the productions they appear in

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We have told you about those Turkish series that you must have on the radar. Now the time has come for you to meet some of its protagonists.

Nobody is going to take away from George Clooney or Brad Pitt that special place they occupy in our hearts, but the truth is that now that we have focused our attention on some Turkish series that have become popular, we have found some Turkish actors who are worth the effort. shame on the radar.

It is true that nobody bothers to have one more series to a marathon, but if that makes us meet some other name that can be sneaked in with the ones we have mentioned above, welcome. That’s why we show you some of the actors that maybe you should know, as well as the Turkish Netflix series in which you can find them.

The Turkish actors that you should know (and the series or productions where you can see them)

Sukru OzyildizTurkish actors you should know

Although he has already made a career in television, he has gained worldwide fame since the Netflix platform brought Winter Sun to its catalog. This is the story of a boy who is a simple fisherman, but after learning about the death of his father and twin brother at the hands of businessmen with shady businesses, he decides to create another identity and take revenge on his own hands. At the moment there is only one season on Netflix.

Engin AkyurekTurkish actors you should know

Although this actor is already famous in Turkey, the arrival of the Netflix production of Dirty Money and Love catapulted him as one of the global favorites for both him and his series. Hailing from Ankara, he is the co-star of this highly successful production in his homeland. This series revolves around the mysterious death of the girlfriend of a police officer and the father of a jewelry designer, who is entwined in a mysterious robbery, and where he falls in love by chance.

Metin AkdulgerTurkish actors you should know

If you are looking for a love story, nothing like the one starring this actor. Train to my destination is a Turkish film that is also on this streaming platform and which introduced us to Metin Akdulger. This narrative begins with a woman taking a train and a stranger who sits next to her, revealing the beginning of a love story that you don’t want to miss.

Ibrahim CelikkolTurkish actors you should know

This actor is one of the protagonists of the series Amores cruzados. In it, he plays a successful car-loving businessman who, by chance, meets love through a pediatrician who wants to believe that an ideal world is possible if you work hard for him.

Each of these Turkish actors has something that makes them unique, as well as the stories with which you can meet them on this popular platform. Now, you not only meet Turkish actors that you should not lose sight of but those stories that are worth checking out if you think that ‘there is nothing to see any more’. Ready for your next marathon?