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Small dining room? Try a round extendable table

Small dining room? Try a round extendable table

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A well-finished mise en place, many delicious dishes, and friends gathered for an evening of celebration: for such a special occasion you need a lot of space. If you live in a small apartment, but don’t want to give up these precious convivial moments, choose an extendable dining table. It is ideal for everyday life, to accommodate up to four people, but when needed, the magic is triggered and transforms to accommodate friends and relatives.

Find out how to orient yourself in your choice thanks to the advice of our interior design experts: dinners will have a completely different flavor, served on an extendable and super cozy round table!

Why choose an extendable round table?

For the young couple struggling with the small space of a studio apartment or for those who love minimalist style: there are many reasons to buy an extendable round table. It is not just about clutter, then, but also about personal tastes. The round shape is always elegant and is a symbol of modern design, which points to essential shapes.

Beautiful to look at and also practical: when needed it can be extended to add more seats at the table for all your guests. On these occasions, even additional folding seats cannot be missing, to be kept in the closet when not needed.

Our tip: to best set up an extendable round table, keep a supply of rectangular tablecloths available for every special occasion. You will need them to create always different atmospheres for the most “crowded” dinners.

An extendable dining table for every style

Practical, but also beautiful: today the extendable tables are designed by combining functionality and aesthetics. If you do not know which one to choose for your home, you can also opt for a simple model and use decorations and complements of furniture to define an actual Style. It can be an original vase or a patterned runner: small elements that can completely transform the mood of your living room. Here are some tips for choosing the dining table according to your personal tastes.

Modern dining room

Pure minimalism, few design accessories, and controlled use of colors: add a round white extendable table and you have created a super modern living room. For breakfast and everyday meals, add American placemats, which will enhance the style of the table.Small dining room? Try a round extendable table

Retro dining room

For a living room where the influences of the past echo, choose a round table in a natural material, such as wood, and combine it with seats with a sinuous line, upholstered in soft velvet. Choose a tablecloth with a delicate floral pattern and place a colored crystal vase in the center, inspired by the natural forms of Art Deco.

Scandi dining roomSmall dining room? Try a round extendable table

The Scandinavian style is characterized by the use of warm materials and colors, reminiscent of those of the cozy houses of the Northern European countries. Choose a light table, with matching wooden chairs, without forgetting to arrange soft cushions in natural colors to make each guest feel comfortable.

Shabby chic dining room

Romantic and feminine, the Shabby Chic style is inspired by the Provencal atmosphere. One-color wins over all: white. For the dining room, opt for a round extendable table and wooden chairs with a worn look. Complete with a floral patterned tablecloth and a ceramic vase filled with fresh flowers, freshly picked from your garden.Small dining room? Try a round extendable table

How to choose the right table?

If you have to furnish your home from scratch or if you are thinking of a makeover, the living room and the dining room are certainly two of the areas that deserve more attention. Think about how many hours you spend in your living room, with family or friends: don’t neglect it and let it shine with a new light! If space is tight, you can opt for an extendable dining table. Are you wondering which one is right for you? Here are some useful tips.

Before purchasing, take the exact dimensions of the room to make sure you choose a model of the perfect size.

Calculate the measures of the extended table: it seems trivial, but they are not always taken into consideration.

Evaluate the colors and materials already present, especially for the floor and windows. If you have modern windows and finishes, for example, opt for a round extendable table in black or white.

Choose the matching chairs, taking care in combining models of similar styles.