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How To Grow Tomatoes

How To Grow Tomatoes? Here are the tips for the do it Yourself garden

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The tomatoes are for sure the vegetables we like to cultivate in the garden, plants that are managed with ease and offering collected abounded throughout the summer. From sowing to fertilizing to irrigation, here are the tips that will be useful for obtaining healthy and productive plants.

Growing tomatoes: suitable soil and climate

The tomato ( Solanum Lycopersicum ) love the heat and the sun, the conditions necessary for their cultivation is successful. They also adapt to various types of soil, provided they are well prepared: identified the area of ​​the garden with the best exposure to light, work and aerate the soil well and enrich it with nutrients, possibly use mature manure (about 2.5 kg each square meter) to be buried in autumn for the following year The tomato plant is quite demanding and good basic fertilization is the first step for a healthy and productive plant.

Tips for growing tomatoesHow To Grow Tomatoes

the tomatoes generally are sown in seedbeds from mid-February to mid-March using tray fillers: made a hole not too deep in the soil of each cell and inserted into every little hole two seeds. Cover the seed with a light layer of soil than wet carefully.

By placing the honeycomb container in environments with temperatures of at least 15 ° C (preferably around 20 ° C), the plants will germinate within two weeks. During this time, do not forget to water, the soil must always be constantly humid (but not soaked). When the plants have reached 5 cm in height, select them by keeping one, the healthiest and most vigorous, per alveolus. Then report them in containers of 6 or 8 cm in diameter to favor their development.

How to transplant tomatoes

When the young tomatoes have developed 4 leaves or reached 15 cm in height, it is time to transplant them into the garden. Make sure that outside temperatures always exceed 12 ° C, even at night. If you buy seedlings in the nursery, plant them from mid-April to the end of May. Remove the seedlings from the container and place them in holes spaced about 50 cm apart on the row and 75 cm between the rows. Place the plants of tomatoes in the pits keeping the surface of the root ball to ground level, slightly compress the ground so wet to facilitate engraftment.

Growing tomatoes: watering, pruning, and guardiansHow To Grow Tomatoes

The tomatoes need a few but essential cares; first of all, irrigation, to be carried out regularly and according to the weather trend, increasing the frequency in the warmer months.

To favor the productivity of tomato plants it is instead convenient to carry out the “sfemminellatura”, a sort of easy pruning that involves the manual elimination of the shoots that develop at the axil of the leaves (ie at the point of intersection between the stem and branches side).

And don’t forget to hold up the tomatoes with stakes: place them on the side of the stem immediately after transplanting and direct the development of the plants by fixing them to the supports with natural raffia as they grow.

How to fertilize tomatoes

Even fertilize with culture in place is very important, especially in the case of poor soils. If to facilitate your work, you want to rely on a single solution for your garden, we recommend using ONE Orto, the fertilizer of natural origin designed to meet the nutritional needs of vegetables. However, there are also specific formulations on the market for tomatoes, created specifically to meet their needs. This is the case of Maxicrop Pomodori Naturale, an algae-based fertilizer that will take care of the nutrition of your tomatoes.

How to pick tomatoesHow To Grow Tomatoes

The first tomatoes will ripen about two months after transplanting, you can pick them by hand by grabbing and gently rotating the ripe berries, they will come off without difficulty.