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Movies like shutter island

Movies like shutter island and Origin

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Do you like to feel your neurons twist trying to understand the plot of a movie? Has the chiropractic massage that Inception has applied to your brain known to you? Do you want to curl your mind even more?

Well, you’re in luck. Because today I bring you a good cart full of suggestions for good movies to see if you liked films like Origin (Inception) or Shutter Island. Psychological movies that make you think, in the style of other titles like Memento.

I’ve swallowed them all, and if I told you that I understood one hundred percent, I’d be lying to you. But isn’t that part of the charm of movies of this style? Precisely the feeling of being before something immeasurable and mysterious?

Source code (2011)Movies like shutter island

A couple of days ago I saw this exciting thriller again (which by the way you can currently find on Netflix and Amazon Prime). Perhaps the least complicated plot on the list but the most similar to Origin. In a way I appreciated the simplicity. A man is forced to relive over and over the minutes before an attack on a train loaded with passengers. It’s objective? Discover the culprit in order to avoid a future attack. Cool or not cool? Oh, and it stars Jake Gyllenhaal!

Interstellar (2014)Movies like shutter island

In 2014 we received this marvel that revived the science fiction genre. Travel through space-time, black holes, messages from the future … This movie has everything that lovers of this kind of cinema yearn to find. It will leave you with your mind buzzing by the immensity of what you just witnessed. An extraordinary film that I have seen more than once. The space is cool. Matthew McConaughey (I admit I’ve had to find out how to spell) is cool too. So if you haven’t seen it, don’t hesitate. Highly recommended.

Triangle (2009)Movies like shutter island

This movie surprised me. It’s what usually happens when you don’t wait too long and come across a good, gripping, and suspenseful psychological thriller. And above all, a feature film that will turn your mind upside down like a sock.

Some young people are shipwrecked in the middle of the ocean and take refuge in a ship abandoned adrift. The protagonist, Jess, has a strange feeling that all that has already happened … And as they said in the program “One, two, three”, I can read that far.

Moon (2009)Movies like shutter island

But another from space? Yes, Moon, I have to put it on. An isolated man on a space station on the Moon. He soon discovers that he is not alone. A companion has appeared who is none other than himself. Accompany the protagonist on his descent into madness as you rack your brains trying to unravel the plot of this jewel of science fiction. I was one step away from seeing her at the movies. It still hurts. I comment on it in more depth here.

Primer (2004)Movies like shutter island

The most complex on the list. On the internet, you can find all kinds of explanations, theories, and opinions about the plot and its ending. Honestly, I don’t even dare to comment. If what you are looking for is something to pause and take notes, draw arrows and make diagrams trying to unravel all the secrets of the plot, or do a complete philosophical analysis, your film is undoubtedly Primer.

A very low-budget film that overcame the barriers of unknown independent cinema garnered rave reviews. There are currently tons of text on the internet explaining all kinds of theories about the movie.

Even though I got lost after a certain point, I really enjoyed it. You can tell that it is a film written and filmed by passionate about the subject. One of the best films that address the topic of time travel in a “realistic” way.

Coherence (2013)Movies like shutter island

I really enjoyed this one. And I recommend it whenever I have the chance. Unfortunately, there are very few films of this style (or certainly much less than I would like).

A group of friends is having dinner at a house. They speak of a comet that has passed very close to Earth. There is a blackout, and when they go out to investigate, they find that the only house with a light on the entire street is another just like theirs. Inside, of course, they find themselves dining.

There begins the rollercoaster of suspense and mental contortions that you will ride when Coherence begins.

One of the best in this kind of cinema.

The Machinist (2004)Movies like shutter island

Another masterpiece of the genre. I love this kind of movie. Too bad there are so few that are worth it.

A man is losing a lot of weight and suffers from severe insomnia. When he is accused of a work accident at the factory where he works, he begins to question his sanity.