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Yummy cheese toast recipes

Yummy cheese toast recipes

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Do you also like toast, both to take on trips and to eat quickly in the office? They are practical, good, delicious, and also healthy: they do not weigh down, they can be prepared with original ingredients, and some of them are now an institution.

But above all they can be eaten outside the home, or for quick lunches, without having to turn on the stove or having to heat up: that’s why they are practical and good!

The secrets for a perfect toast:

  • choose the right bread: I prefer American sandwich-type bread, which remains thin and toasts very well in a pan;
  • toast the bread in a non-stick pan, covering it at the end to melt the cheese – in the toaster, the toast is not always toasted to perfection;
  • if you have a non-stick grill, so much the better: in this case you will also get the very symbolic stripes of toasted bread to perfection;
  • mash the toast with a spatula to toast it well in the pan before turning it
  • use the thin slice of cheese on both internal sides of the slice of bread: if we put bread-slices-ham and bread, as soon as we bite the toast, the ham and the bread will come off. Instead, the secret is to put: bread-half a thin slice-ham-half a thin slice-bread.

Toast: the classic Italian recipe

Yummy cheese toast recipes

The classic recipe includes two slices of white bread, dark cheese (Emmenthal or thinly sliced), and cooked ham. Honestly, I think that the best toast is with slices, but you can put any cheese on it: fontina, Emmenthal, brie, provolone …

How to make double cheese toast

For evenings when my daughter doesn’t want to eat anything but toast, and only mom’s toast. They serve you three slices of bread, two slices, two slices of fontina, or other sweet cheese. Arrange the two slices of cheese on the first slice of bread, then add the second slice of bread, then the cheese again, and finally close with the third slice of bread.

Toast the bread in a non-stick pan over low heat, covering it at the end, to melt the cheese well. you can enrich it with two slices of cooked ham.

Salami toast

The classic cooked ham toast is transformed by replacing the ham with sweet salami. Alternate salami and cheese and fry well. With salami, Swiss cheese is perfect, sweet, and pungent at the same time.

Mixed stuffed toastYummy cheese toast recipes

Eggs, tuna, and tomatoes: spread a thin layer of mayonnaise on the two slices of bread, add very thin slices of tomato, salt, lettuce, hard-boiled eggs cut into slices, drained tuna; let’s just toast the bread, so as not to heat the ingredients too much;

Ham, cheese, omelet: make a multi-layered toast, using 3-4 slices of thin bread, and alternating lettuce, mayonnaise, cheese omelet, cooked ham, thinly sliced ​​cucumbers;

Zucchini, cheese, and tomato: grill the zucchini and add them to the toast, salt them, add slices of tomato and sliced ​​cheese;

Toast with bacon and turkey: a triple toast, with a light layer of mayonnaise and one of mustard, sliced ​​cheese, turkey, thinly sliced ​​tomatoes, curly salad, and finally lots of toasted bacon on the side.

Toast with eggs and salmon

A variant of toast with tuna: we make the toast with cream cheese (I prefer the robiola with herbs), smoked salmon, sliced ​​hard-boiled eggs, a leaf of lettuce. Better if we chop the salmon: otherwise we risk pulling it away whole at the first bite. If we mince it, the salmon will remain with every bite of the sandwich.

Let it toast a little, on both sides, in a non-stick pan, without covering it.

Toast BLT: bacon, lettuce, tomato

Take two thick slices of bread, and season them well with honey mustard or ketchup. We add slices of tomato, salt, soft curly lettuce or baby lettuce, and then a lot of bacon already fried and drained on absorbent paper.

Toast with avocado and poached eggYummy cheese toast recipes

We mash a ripe avocado and season it with oil, salt, pepper, and lime juice. We toast the bread separately, without seasoning. We spread the avocado on the bread, then add plenty of fresh spinach and a poached egg (or even hard-boiled): it will run a lot, but the yolk will mix all the ingredients very well.

Croque Madame and Croque Monsieur

Croque Madame: we spread some melted butter inside the toast. We add grated Gruyere and a slice of cooked ham, then close with another slice of buttered bread (we can also make three layers of bread). Toast the toast in a non-stick pan with very little butter, and in the meantime, cook a fried egg. Once the toast is golden, place the fried egg on the toast: if we leave the yolk liquid enough, when we cut it with a knife and fork, it will drain and mix all the ingredients with a delicious and full-bodied sauce;

Croque Monsieur: we spread the bread with butter. Add the grated Gruyère and the slices of ham, and close. We cover the last slice of bread with a little solid béchamel, and some grated Gruyere cheese, and let it toast until melted and golden.

Ham and turkey toastYummy cheese toast recipes

We cook a slice of turkey in a pan, after having beaten it and made it very thin. Season it with oil, salt, pepper, and spices to taste (5 spices or paprika are perfect). We compose the toast with three slices of bread, adding: cucumber, lettuce, fontina cheese, turkey, slices of cooked ham, and tomatoes. We use a yogurt mayonnaise, fresh, and light.

Reuben or Ruben Toast

We need rye or wholemeal bread. Spread it with mayonnaise (or mustard) and add sliced ​​salted beef (or pastrami, hardly available in Italy), pre-cooked, and well-drained sauerkraut, Emmental. It is the typical American sandwich of immigrants: the characteristic is that the layer of salted meat must be very high. Instead of sauerkraut, you can put a salad of fresh cabbage, dressed with mayonnaise and mustard, salt, and oil.

Sweet toastYummy cheese toast recipes

To conclude with a flourish, we can also prepare sweet toast:

French Toast : dip the toast in a mixture of milk, egg and sugar, and fry it in butter. Then we garnish with fresh fruit and honey;

Banana and Nutella : after having fried the bread in butter (as above), season it with Nutella, mashed bananas and icing sugar;

Strawberries : we make the toast with strawberry jam and toast it well, finally we serve it with fresh strawberries and mint leaves.