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Wolf tattoo

Wolf tattoo: what is its meaning?

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The wolf tattoo is one of the most common tattoos ever, but for what reason? This tattoo has several meanings, discover them all in this guide.

Tribal, realistic, old school, neotraditional, whatever the style, the wolf tattoo is one of the most popular in the tattoo world. There are several reasons why many people choose animal tattoos: some do it for fashion, others to have their guide animal engraved on the skin and others choose to tattoo an animal-based on the symbolism it has and what it represents. Find out in this PG Magazine article what are the various meanings attributed to the wolf tattoo and what they derive from.

Symbolism of the animalWolf tattoo

The wolf is a proud and wild animal that has fascinated man since ancient times, as evidenced by the numerous myths and legends. There are many meanings attributed to the wolf tattoo, but the main ones are:

This fascinating animal has specific meanings in different cultures. In Greek-Roman mythology,  for example, the wolf recalled the themes of light and life and represented the God Apollo. In Japanese and Siberian legends it is often a symbol of protection as it defends men from evil. In the culture of Native American peoples, on the other hand, the wolf symbolizes loyalty and perseverance, and it is no coincidence that it is one of the totem animals and spiritual guide par excellence.

Being a skilled and intelligent predator, which manages to survive even in inhospitable environments, the wolf is the symbol par excellence of spiritual strength and warriors, but it also represents family and sentimental bonds as it is a very caring and dedicated herd animal. puppies. In short, there are really many symbols attributed to this animal and the wolf tattoo takes on a different meaning based on the person who wears it engraved on the skin.

Meaning according to the type of tattoo

Those who absolutely want to have a wolf tattoo have many variations to choose from. Let’s see some wolf tattoo examples and their meanings specifically.

Howling Wolf:Wolf tattoo

Howling is one of the main characteristics of this animal. It is used as a means of communication, especially by alpha males to warn or summon the pack. Typically, a wolf that ullula represents strength, connection with nature, and freedom;

Japanese wolf:

As mentioned earlier, legends about wolves are very present in Japanese culture. A Japanese style wolf tattoo represents respect, protection, and a bond with celestial powers;

Wolf with Feather:

This type of tattoo is reminiscent of Native American culture. Usually, it represents the link with nature in all its aspects, whether mild or wild;

Werewolf:Wolf tattoo

Highly featured in literature, this legendary creature represents the evil heroes, the misunderstood and the outcast;

Wolf with the Moon:

A highly regarded design that symbolizes intelligence, communication skills, and connection with nature.

In short, the meanings attributed to the wolf tattoo are different and the ways of representing it vary indefinitely, which is why many people choose this animal for their tattoo.