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Perfect selfie: 7 rules for taking a photo like the stars

Perfect selfie: 7 rules for taking a photo like the stars

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Selfies are now the most fashionable photography, but we don’t always get a good result. Here’s how to get a perfect selfie by following the tips of the stars!

Alone or in company, now everyone takes selfies to post on social networks or to keep as a souvenir in the gallery of their smartphone. However, given the particular shot and the proximity of the mobile phone if you don’t have a selfie stick, getting a perfect self-timer is not always easy. You have to pay attention to the light, the facial expression, the background, and choose which ” tone ” you want to give to the photograph. Will it be a “serious” or funny selfie, almost like a photo shoot?

Since the selfie is a photo of the moment, we couldn’t get advice from the best experts in this field. These are obviously the stars, who share their shots on their social profiles or willingly accept to pose together with some of their fans met by chance. For this reason, we have compiled a guide with the 7 rules for the perfect selfie suggested by¬† Hollywood celebrities!

1. Framing

Perfect selfie: 7 rules for taking a photo like the stars

Let’s start with one of the basic principles for getting a perfect selfie, which is choosing the right angle before shooting. We do not recommend – and in some cases completely forbidden – a shot from below, because it not only accentuates any defects but also negatively modifies the features of the neck and face, with that always unwelcome result of the ” double chin “. The stars famous for their perfect selfies normally hold the smartphone quite far from the face, without seeing the arm too much, framing from above. By doing so, the eyes are highlighted and the features of the face are reduced.

Also, a front selfie is hardly recommended. It is always better to prefer a pose with the face in three quarters, slightly in profile, obviously enhancing your best side. Kim Kardashian herself admitted that she very often uses this strategy to make dark circles less noticeable, without necessarily resorting to a covering make-up. With the chin down, the smartphone held a little higher than the forehead and the face rotated almost to three quarters, you can hide those defects that we know all too well and that we do not want to appear in photos and, at the same time, put in evidence the eyes and a seductive look.

2. The right lightPerfect selfie: 7 rules for taking a photo like the stars

Always keeping as a reference one of the most loved selfie gurus, aka Kim Kardashian, we follow one of her most precious tips. The Hollywood star said the lights are great ” to hide your flaws and emphasize your strengths “. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to avoid cold, dim, or excessively fluorescent lights: they will do nothing but highlight those small imperfections that we all have! The best light is natural, but you can have a good result even with a warm light. The important thing is that the source is never behind us, otherwise the face will remain in shadow, and it would be better if it does not get straight in the eyes because you run the risk of having to squeeze them.

One of the favorite lights is definitely that of the sunset. As the sun begins to go down, it does not point directly at us and manages to give warm shades to the skin of the face. In any case, adjust the light by perhaps adjusting the window curtain or, if you are outside, doing a bit ‘of tests before shooting, finding the lighting that you value the most.

3. The expressionPerfect selfie: 7 rules for taking a photo like the stars

Usually, you choose whether to take a “serious” selfie, which does not necessarily mean with a slightly sulky expression but rather a photo that wants to enhance us and make us feel beautiful, or a funny and funny one. In the first case, the most popular poses see either an almost serious expression, with a slight pout and where everything is focused on the eyes and seductive gaze, or a spontaneous and natural smile, in order to “illuminate” the entire photo. Of this type of selfie are the undisputed queen’s Madonna, Chiara Ferragni, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, and many other stars of which every shot on Instagram is perfect.

Instead, for those who like to take themselves less seriously and leave room for fun, funny and nice faces are ideal. Sticking out your tongue, with a particularly surprised or really funny expression, these selfies are particularly suitable for taking with friends. There is no shortage of celebrities who appreciate this type of photo starting with the beautiful Cara Delevingne, who always poses with her colleagues or with her fans in funny and spontaneous poses.

4. The camera to usePerfect selfie: 7 rules for taking a photo like the stars

This rule may seem superfluous, yet some celebrities prefer to use not the smartphone’s internal camera, but the external one, which we usually use to photograph landscapes or those around us. According to Taylor Swift, in fact, the camera on the back has a better resolution and is less distorting than the one above the screen. If you choose to listen to the advice of the selfie-themed American pop star, do some testing first and move the phone a little further away from your face.

5. Watch the background!

In the background, the question becomes more complicated, because not everyone agrees on the “rule” to use. In general, it’s always best to take a selfie after paying attention to what’s behind us. Otherwise, you will have that unwelcome ” photobombing ” effect of elements that we had not noticed and which are now ruining our photo.

There is no single place to do your own personal selfie “shoot”. There are those who prefer to do them only in the open air, while some, including Hollywood stars, also do them in the tranquility of their own home. Moreover, now it seems that they are depopulating, especially on Instagram, even on the social networks of the influencers. Here too, the important thing is to be careful of what is in the background … a selfie with the toilet behind it is certainly not perfect!

6. The most popular accessoriesPerfect selfie: 7 rules for taking a photo like the stars

There are some details that are popular in the world of selfies and we are not simply talking about makeup. What is increasingly important are the accessories. Among the most popular are sunglasses. In this case, it will no longer be the gaze that will be the protagonist, but the expression of the face with a touch of a diva given by the glasses. The vintage ones, for example, are the most flaunted on Instagram.

Another kind of selfie that people really like isn’t just an accessory, but a whole look. These are ” workout ” themed self-portraits, effective both in the gym and during a work out session at home. Here sporty tops and high ponytails or messy buns alternate, perfect hairstyles while doing gymnastics. Not even the stars give up on this kind of photo.

Finally, the most loved selfies are certainly those in which animals appear, in particular dogs, cats, or even horses, as is frequently seen on Lady Gaga’s profile. This photo trend is called ” pet-selfie mania ” and no one can resist the tenderness of our four-legged best friends, as Kaia Gerber, daughter of Cindy Crawford, knows.

7. Beware of filters

In most selfies that are seen on the net, there is a filter behind that can improve various aspects of photography. In the different apps, you can find those that give a uniform color to the skin, those that focus on the light of the shot, perhaps modifying it, or others capable of removing some imperfections. The important thing is to always use the filters taking care that they are not ” excessive ” or too fake. Although, as we have seen, there are several tricks behind a perfect selfie, the fact remains that the self-timer must seem like a spontaneous and natural photo.