Democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word, equality. But notice the difference: while democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude.

There can be no equality or opportunity if men and women and children be not shielded in their lives from the consequences of great industrial and social processes which they cannot alter, control, or singly cope with.


It is a strange fact that freedom and equality, the two basic ideas of democracy, are to some extent contradictory. Logically considered, freedom and equality are mutually exclusive, just as society and the individual are mutually exclusive.

All men are born equally free.

Real equality is immensely difficult to achieve, it needs continual revision and monitoring of distributions. And it does not provide buffers between members, so they are continually colliding or frustrating each other.

Gender equality is more than a goal in itself. It is a precondition for meeting the challenge of reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development and building good governance.

Kofi Annan

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How to Maximize Beach Cruiser Bike Speed

Speed is a fact so just admire the speed and admire the raw speed. If you go to Google and search how to increase your speed on a beach cruiser.

They have a list of things that include, make sure everything is greased make sure your seat it’s in the correct position for power, and make sure the air is up in your tires?

First Step

You know, I’m sure that would help a little bit but if you want to Greatly increase the speed of your beach cruiser.

You have to consider two points air resistance and rolling resistance. I’m not even going to mention the gearing really is helping unless you don’t like to stand up and pedal up the hills.

You know maybe you’re going to get some more speed going downhill, but then again, you’re fighting air resistance, enrolling resistance again.

So, I like the single speed. I like just like my fixie my road or single speed. You know I’ve got a flip flop hub.

I like standing up and pulling a higher gear some I don’t need gears. Anyway, what do you need to do to increase the speed of this mighty best beach cruiser bike.

There are two basic things. The first is to switch out the stem that came on it that was very short.

And then went up with this a stump from a seventy’s era Schwinn, varsity same size, quell, handlebar, whole clamp thing there, but it stretched it out a little bit and lowered it, fewer air assessments.

The second thing, if you notice, look at that good tire on it. Now I’m going to mention before I talk about the tires is the majority of your weight is over the back tire.

So you can get by with just having one really good tire on the back in.

You know, Whether or not, you want to have a matching set that’s up to you, but you get the greatest advantage by having a good backfire.

I went with Max’s puck worms. Now they don’t have the greatest of knobs, but it still has a lot of grips.

You can trail ride on this thing. In fact, I had to switch out my front rim because trail riding it, I messed up the front rim.

You know, getting some air and going over rocks and stuff. So, I switched it out with a very old mountain bike Remen. Alloy, um, with what she has a quick release too, so that’s good.

But anyway, the manta smoke forms are these. They make them in 20 and 24 inches also but the 26-inch version that two and a half inches wide.

Second Step

So, you better have some good skills as far as truing wheels cause there’s not much clearance back here, but these have at 65 PSI so much less rolling resistance than a white wall beach cruiser by continental or Dunlop or anything else.

Also, at 65 the raw number for PSI does not translate into a set rolling resistance. So, you need to get tires high-quality low rolling resistance tires. I would go first for Maxi’s hookworm.

Then if you want more knobs, which isn’t necessary because these things have grip, they’re two and a half inches wide awesome rubber.

If you want little knobby or tires go with Maxus holy roller. It’s a little narrower shy away from gum walls.

Gum wall has it that it’s a pretty gum-colored thing or skin walls, but it doesn’t have the rubber over it. So, it can degrade after a period of time cause of sunlight.

Get all rubber the white savings you don’t want a 40 pounds. Who cares If you save like three-quarters of a pound and it doesn’t matter?

Always get tires that have rubber all the way around the next one would be a Maxus DHT drop the hammer, both the holy roller and the DHTS are BMX tires.

So, they’re designed to have low rolling resistance and good grip, but the king of the hill is the hookworms.

Max is a hookworm and that’s about it and lowering your winder assistance with an old 10 speed.

Now bikes have like 300 speeds and 10-speed stem and king of tires like fat tires. They access hookworms and that’s about it.

I’d like to change the pedals out, but they have different threads sizes, and you know, a lot of pedals going to keep the seat there.

Now for the contest If you’re coming from this and you don’t usually read my articles, you’re not aware that I’m going to run a 28-mile course on it, which I already have.

You know, I’m not doing some epic thing on a beach cruiser cause I’ve already done this course. It’s enjoyable with good tires.

It’s not a bad thing and I’m going a lot faster than you know a usual person on a beach cruiser that doesn’t have good tires. My super stone here anyway it’s a 28-mile course. It’s hilly and I like pulling a higher gear you know standing up. I love standing up on a bike and I’m very comfortable doing that. it’s a point to point, but I’m coming back.

Third Step

Actually, it’d be a loop I don’t know, 14 out, 14 back. Whoever comes to closest and you can be higher or lower to guessing my time.

When, if you’re in the USA or Canada, a complete primitive arrow made by me with a stone point that has a stone point that was actually purchased by me a while ago, it’s a native stone actually made by an actual number of a tribe a long time ago.

If you’re in Europe or other places, I can’t afford to ship it because I’m giving away the arrow and shipping. Just the point, but you’re not getting gypped because you don’t live in us or Canada.

You are going to get a different point. You’re going to get a point made by Cody Stemler Hey Cody if you’re watching this a master, he makes beautiful stone points in his.

I have to say, as skilled as an issue at making these, in fact, it’s going to be an issue style point that masterfully made.

I’m going to say Cody stumbler again because I have the most respect for this gentleman. I’m going to cover the shipping. It’ll be worth your while. So, I’m trying to figure out the date.

That’s all I’m going to do a little walk around so you can get some close abuse of this.

I wish I had my original Chrome rim, but you know, who would have that like beach cruiser like mountain bike around especially if you hit like hard for them.

That is all If you’re keen to buy though, you notice I don’t have a hub retaining clip and I’ve got a clip release on here.

I’m going to run down to the pole barn and make hub retaining clips because there’s something that creeps me out about that. Having what do you call that blanking out here?

A quick-release wheelset on one of these things. Cause they weren’t designed to have that and I don’t want to have the wheel come off.

The king of beach cruiser tires and you can see there’s not much clearance in there. So, you do have to be able to true tires or true wheels.

Then that mismatch makes it go fast too. Lucky dice, quick release, and coming up here. Oh, that gorgeous seventies, era Schwinn, varsity stem. That also makes it faster.

You have to have a red underbelly doesn’t that just scream a speed in the last thing is feel the power.


If you want to maximize your beach cruiser bike speed that’s really awesome. There is we have discussed top pick points how you can do this.

So guys if you want to get more info you can visit OutdoorXsports and that’s our biking how-to web blog.

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How to combine your high red heels

Today we are going to talk to you about how to combine your red heels shoes. Yes, we take it for granted that you have a pair in your closet, and if you don’t have one, you are taking time to get one because they are a wardrobe staple, even if it doesn’t seem like it. For many, red heels are very daring and the opposite of an everyday look , but we believe that this thought comes from the fact that not all know how to combine them. That is why we have decided to talk to you and show you look with good red heels so that love can flow again between you and that scarlet pair that you hide between shoe boxes.

How To Read a Bike Tire Size Top Guideline

In this article, I’ll explain everything about reading bike tires and how to know what tube fits in what type of tire you have.

First Step

This it’s really simple and all you need to do is read the numbers on the tire. If you have a road bike, most likely you will have something that would say 700 X 23 seats.

Otherwise, if you don’t have a road bike, it’s also likely you’ll have something that says 26 X something inches. So I’ll show you some examples of what types of tire sizes or what.

For the first type of tire, we’ll be reading the easiest standard word bikes. It can also be the same as a commuter bike. A hybrid bike or a city bike, it’ll all be red like this.

So go ahead and find some numbers on the wall of your tire and what’s looking out for he’s something that will say 700 X something, something C, and that is the French reading of the tire size 700 being the diameter of the room and we have 700 diameters.

This is also important to know how to measure a bike easily.

C is the width of the tire. 700 by 28. See, you’re one we’ll make slightly say 700 by 25 C or 23 C maybe even 32 seats and that’s what you’re looking for and that’s how you find read bike tire sizes.

If you can’t find that you will most likely have something like this, which is the ETR T O standard European tire and rim technical organization centered what that is 28 millimeters being the thickness.

So you’re just like the 28 C it’d be 28 dashes six-two is the diameter of the O of the rim 622 millimeters of your ribs.

But what you look out for is a copy of this and find a conversion table, which is in the description below. And go ahead and try and convert that into a French vision.

If you still can’t find any of these, your tire will most likely have something in inches, which is the American vision.

Second Step

It’ll be 28 X something, something inches, go ahead and find those numbers and then to the conversion table and that’s how you find your tire sites.

Next up are your standard limps and black tires. It’s pretty much the same just as the road bike ties.

So go ahead and find some Londoners on the wall of your tire for you’re going to recap four for this one is a little different, whereas in the road bike.

You were reading the French version and then mountain bikes. You’re looking for American versions. So American is in inches. Try and find something that is 26 X something, something, something inches four.

This one doesn’t have a Mark of benches, but that’s what they say. 26 being 26 inches, width enjoyment, sorry, and the second half of the numbers is 1.95 inches.

We have the title that type ignore the titrate. That’s the type of size you’ll be looking for.

If you’re looking to buy or find a bike tube size, if you can’t find that you will find the ETR T early version, just like the road bikes, it’ll have something like 53 dash 55 nine.

53 being 53 millimeters in width of the rim and five, five nine is 559 millimeters from the diameter of the rings. All right.


Thanks for reading with us. I hope you have a better understanding of how to read bike tires. If not, send me a message or a comment down below.

Black rose tattoo: the meaning for a gift or tattoo

The variety of roses is truly infinite, thanks to the unnatural combinations implemented by man. And here are flowers that we would never have imagined seeing. Such as the black rose, which is sold like classic roses.

It is a flower that undoubtedly has a particular charm, suitable for those who love the Gothic style or, more generally, the mystery. In reality, the meaning of the black rose is certainly not positive. Therefore, before giving it to your partner, it is useful to do some serious reflection.

As previously mentioned, the color of the rose does not exist in nature and the realization of the black rose takes place through a series of botanical operations capable of modifying the pigments on the petals.

In short, it is a flower that is the result of an artificial intervention by man and for this reason, it is difficult to find in classic shops.

Black rose, the meaning

As previously mentioned, giving a black rose may not be a welcome gift. The black rose has a meaning which, like the color, essentially refers to death and the funereal.

Considered in opposition to the white rose, emblem of purity, innocence. But also of humility, the black rose represents the emblem of sadness, despondency, but above all the omen of a disaster.

In a love affair, giving the black rose as a gift can indicate the end of the relationship. A sudden truncation will result in hatred and resentment between the two subjects. In short, the meaning of the black rose is to indicate the end of a positive condition or a bad response.

The use of the black rose is therefore indicated on the occasion of sad or mournful events. But also an unrequited feeling or an unsatisfied passion.

The meaning of the black rose in tattoos

We could say that the black rose is much more common in the representations of tattoos than in reality. But even in this field, the commonly given meaning of the black rose is not positive.

Usually, those who have such a drawing portrayed intend to convey a feeling of sadness or indicate a negative period of their existence.

In other words, the black rose can indicate a wound from the past still open in the soul and impossible to heal. A mournful event, the sudden interruption of a love relationship. But also the end of a friendship: the black rose, in the world of tattooing. It symbolizes something that could have evolved positively, but is, instead, shipwrecked.

But the black rose, in the tattoo, can also have very deep meanings such as change. As mentioned, this type of representation can indicate the end of a past relationship. A page of one’s existence that is intended to be overcome, but which will always remain within us. In short, the black rose tattoo can symbolize, in practice, a new life that opens on the ashes of the past.

How to draw a black rose in a tattoo

As we have seen the black rose, in practice, does not exist in nature, but it can be very recurrent in the tattoo. As for the design, we cannot forget that the rose, in general, represents one of the most recurring tattoos in the Old School sector. For this reason, the designs, over the years, have been refined to reach peaks of incredible perfection.

In short, the choice can be vast, without forgetting that even the type of representation affects the very meaning of the tattooed rose. The absence of thorns, for example, represents a very strong love relationship. Whoever is represented as a rose devoid of thorns indicates that he is madly in love with his partner.

The presence of thorns symbolizes that you are ready to overcome any difficulty in order to live happily next to your loved one.

The rose in the tattoo: the meaning with the other elements

The sailor rose to be one of the most recurring designs in the history of tattoos.

In practice, it is a rose surrounded by a parchment on which are inscribed dedications to one’s beloved, or to a loved one.

It was a very popular representation in the 1920s and, as the name implies, among sailors. There are so many messages that can be inserted in the parchment including “Love Is True” or simply the name of the person you care about.

The rose accompanied by a skull is also a very common design.

These are very different elements: the rose symbolizes beauty while the skull , of course, is death. Together they make up a sort of invitation to live every moment of one’s existence since everything. Even the most beautiful, is destined to wither.

But the elements to be combined with the rose can be really many. Many choose, for example, a sword while the cross takes on a strong symbolic and mystical value as well as a reference to the Rosicrucian sect.

In other cases, even the anchor, a very recurring element in the world of tattoos. It can accompany the rose, identifying the strength of a love relationship.

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