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Nail biting: causes and remedies of nail biting

Nail biting: causes and remedies of nail biting

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Nail-biting is a more successive issue than one may suspect, yet many are ignorant that it can have genuine physical and mental results. We attempt to break down them all in this article to comprehend the cures.

The habit of biting nails

Nail biting and fingernail skin snacking are viewed as urgent conduct that the person, by and large, doesn’t take note. It serves to assuage pressure and uneasiness, yet therapeutically it is viewed as a motivation control issue (failure to oppose the compulsion to make a move).

Normally the marvel of onychophagy happens during youth and puberty, yet in the event that not treated well it proceeds into adulthood.

As indicated by certain hypotheses of Freud, carrying something to the mouth reviews, on a figurative level, the experience of the mother’s bosom and hence nail-biting has a quieting impact.

Nail biting: symptomsNail biting: causes and remedies of nail biting

Nail biting is a marvel that includes all the fingers and for the most part, vanishes all alone around the age of 30. It isn’t in every case effortlessly analyzed in light of the fact that those influenced will in general deny or not to consider the negative impacts that nail biting involves.

The demonstration of nail biting can be isolated into two phases:

The preliminary stage

It includes such a visual examination or by contact, so as to look for potential imperfections to be disposed of. Any inconsistency makes the subject chomp the territory to make it standard.

The next stage

It comprises of the real chomp on the nail and the fingernail skin that are around it.

Nail biting: all causes

To fathom this issue it is imperative to comprehend the causes that set off it and we envision that they can be unique. We should see the most widely recognized:

Stress/anxiety situationsNail biting: causes and remedies of nail biting

Nail-biting to settle pressure or nervousness is normal since it has a quieting impact and gives transitory help. As kids, the propensity for biting nails can show up when there are scenes of misconception or the dread of losing parental consideration.

Self-injurious attitudes

Some timid and compliant individuals begin biting their nails to vent their repressed outrage by turning it towards themselves as opposed to other people. So, it is a genuine indication of animosity.

Imitation of other family members

Particularly kids can begin biting their nails without a genuine mental reason, yet basically to imitate conduct seen by guardians.


On the off chance that the regular sentiment drives the marvel of onychophagy to conditions of pressure and uneasiness, there are additionally the individuals who consider that frequently numerous individuals chomp their nails when they are in times of inertia. Here are a few models: before the TV, on the train, at the theater, at the film, and on every one of those events that require just tuning in and sight.

All the results of nail biting

So far we have seen that the individuals who chomp their nails can do it in two unmistakable minutes: when they are exhausted or on the opposite when they are on edge. Frequently what is dismissed, notwithstanding, are the results of this signal. How about we attempt to examine them.

  • pain in the fingers
  • redness of the nail bed
  • bleeding
  • high susceptibility to viral infections due to the improper and violent removal of cuticles
  • accumulation of microorganisms under the nails which are transferred to the mouth when eating them
  • infections of the tissue around the nail

Notwithstanding those simply portrayed, there are different outcomes of onychophagy that influence the teeth in an intense manner. Biting your nails, truth be told, can lead above all else to gum wounds and wear of the incisors, malocclusion of the front teeth lastly, even caries on the grounds that the layer that covers the tooth is harmed and shields it from caries.

In the event that nail-biting happens when a mouth blister contamination is in progress, the last can show up in a brief timeframe even on the fingers with all the results that involve.

Ingesting your nails in the wake of biting them additionally messes stomach up. At long last, if this issue doesn’t stop quickly, there can be not kidding results with ordinary nail development and disfigurement of certain fingers.

Seeing a hand with worn nails can make you think about a timid individual with low confidence, and this from a social perspective is never in favor, if for instance, we are searching for work, in the event that we are searching for a perfect partner and in numerous others. circumstances.

Disorders related to nail biting

Nail biting: causes and remedies of nail biting

Onychophagia is identified with other redundant conduct issues that are essential for the failure to control driving forces.

Dermatillomania: prodding, scouring, scratching, or cutting the skin of the face or body, regularly trying to wipe out genuine or fanciful little inconsistencies or skin defects.

Dermatophagia: impulsively biting the skin around the nails until they drain.

Trichotillomania: pulling (and sometimes eating) the hair strands, however in serious cases additionally eyelashes, eyebrows, whiskers hair, pubic hair, and other body hair.

The most effective method to quit biting your nails

To keep the propensity for nail-biting from dominating and getting unmanageable, it is acceptable to fix it right away. The approaches to stop are numerous and truly powerful. For a few, onychophagy vanishes precipitously particularly when the craving to have a more refined appearance dominates. In different cases, it is a similar subject who harps on inappropriate conduct and figures out how to adjust it by promptly halting to eat his nails.

The most well-known solution for stop onychophagy is the use of a harsh tasting nail clean, which ought to demoralize the desire to carry the fingers to the mouth.

How to stop biting your nailsNail biting: causes and remedies of nail biting

  • gauze your fingers
  • wear gloves
  • wear full night robe that spread your hands (for kids)
  • keep nails managed short and fingernail skin perfect

For ladies you can depend on the recreation of the nail which must be finished by a cosmetologist had practical experience in nail professional: seeing the ideal nails, plated and long, as a rule, it fills in as an obstacle to the inclination to chomp them. Likewise, applying counterfeit nails can help develop common ones.