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Honeymoon in Hawaii

Honeymoon in Hawaii: your pact with happiness

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The delivery of wedding invitations is the perfect time to start planning your honeymoon. Many guests will ask you what to give yourself and an idea could be to have your honeymoon funded, especially if the destination is long-distance, like the one we will talk about in this article. Hawaii is the forbidden songo of many couples who choose these happy islands also as the perfect destination for a  destination wedding between sea, sand, and super fragrant bridal bouquets. Ready to set sail for this new adventure?

The Aloha spirit

The archipelago of Hawaii consists of 19 islands and atolls that are reflected in the blue of the Pacific Ocean. Their culture has not remained imprinted on books or manuscripts, but in the intense traditional dance, the Hula, and in the archipelago’s sport par excellence, surfing. There is a maxim by Paul Theroux that says “Hawaii is not a state of mind, but a state of grace” and it is exactly that. When you land on these islands, you are almost inundated by the sea breeze and the tropical heat that comes not only from the climate but from the kind and welcoming population, ready to enchant tourists with traditional dances and wonderful bouquets of flowers.

This is the Aloha spirit that seduces anyone who touches the shores of these islands: it is sharing, joy, vital energy, always in perfect harmony with the Divine Power that Hawaiians call Mana. For them, this is a true philosophy of life, capable of restoring health, happiness, prosperity, and success.

An enchanting fleet of islands

Mark Twain called Hawaii “The most enchanting fleet of islands that ever dropped anchor in an ocean. ” All this is even more valuable if you consider that their beauty has remained intact despite years of mass tourism. In this nerve center where the essences of the Western and Eastern world converge, you can tailor the most beautiful itinerary of your life.


It is the third-largest island in the Hawaiian archipelago. Here the capital Honolulu is based and it is the destination where most tourists flock, precisely because it is full of things to do and see, in a sort of mix between a large metropolis and an island of relaxation. Brimming with surfing and snorkeling beaches, museums, botanical gardens, shops, restaurants, and theaters, Oahu is also a top spot for its historic sites of great importance: Pearl Harbor and USS Arizona. Do not miss the typical Hawaiian Luau festival: a party with traditional music, dances, skirts with colored fringes, and historical and cultural elements of these people with a big smile. In short, the perfect opportunity to show off a short cocktail dress.

MauiHoneymoon in Hawaii

Maui is the demigod’s island characterized by white sand beaches, scenic routes, rocky views, cowboy-style villages, and the Haleakala volcano: a great attraction for honeymooners because it will give you spectacular sunsets, on which to exchange phrases of love. It is said that this island is able to fulfill every wish: choose it if you are planning a honeymoon in the name of total relaxation because, compared to Oahu, the island of Maui is much less touristy and crowded.

Big IslandHoneymoon in Hawaii

This is the largest island in the entire archipelago. A vast territory considered heavenly for lovers of wild nature. You will go for a walk among volcanoes, waterfalls, lava rocks, botanical gardens, tropical rainforests, and beaches with colorful shades; you will pick orchids and taste the famous Kona coffee, considered one of the best in the world.

KauaiHoneymoon in Hawaii

This is the oldest island, defined as a garden island, precisely because it is a real gold mine for those who want to immerse themselves in the Hawaiian scenery in complete relaxation, wrapped in a tropical setting without equal. Its uncontaminated, harsh, and wild nature means that many areas can only be visited by air or by sea. In short, no heels in the suitcase but only hiking shoes and a pair of jeweled sandals for candlelit dinners.

Malokai and LanaiHoneymoon in Hawaii

They are two small islands of the Hawaiian archipelago, ideal destinations for couples who are not looking for nightlife but prefer a typical cottage or a luxurious resort, being pampered by slow rhythms and horseback riding, by boat, by kayak or admiring corners of paradise aboard 4 × 4 cars.