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Benefits and contraindications for cats to take yogurt. According to experts, yogurt brings significant benefits to the cat’s body, but be careful not to underestimate possible contraindications. However, contact your veterinarian before giving it to the cat.

When asked if cats can eat yogurt, we must, first of all, reiterate the importance of not giving dairy products to cats.

These in fact constitute a particularly harmful food, to which must be added the other foods considered toxic for our cat friends! For yogurt the situation is different, but before a possible administration, it is good that you contact a veterinarian who will be able to advise you best.

It certainly varies between cat and cat, but yogurt has been shown to be a valuable ally for their health. The important thing is to know how to choose the right one and certainly not to exceed the doses.

Yogurt with fruit and the like or plain yogurt?CAN CATS EAT YOGURT

Much better the white one does not contain added sugars. In fact, you know that sugar can cause serious damage to the cat, as well as the intake of sweets and chocolate. Many argue that it would even be more appropriate to use Greek yogurt. The reasons lie in the almost absence of sugar and fat. If you use plain yogurt, prefer the unpasteurized one, as it contains a minimum part of lactose or is even absent.

Why use it?

Yogurt contains a series of benefits that positively affect the health of the cat.

  • well-being of teeth and gums: yogurt in fact has bacteria that keep the dental flora unaltered and thus allow for healthy gums and teeth
  • intestinal well-being: if the cat has diarrhea or cramps, a small amount of yogurt, to be administered before the baby food, can greatly improve or even eliminate intestinal problems.
  • the well-being of the immune system: it will certainly have happened to you to give antibiotics to the cat for some problem. You must know that basically, the main feature of the antibiotic is to eliminate the harmful bacteria that cause a certain disease. However, since the antibiotics are quite strong, not only will they eliminate the harmful bacteria, but, many times, they can cause the destruction of the “good” bacteria present in the cat. In this case, yogurt allows all the “good” bacteria that have been lost with the use of the antibiotic to be reintroduced into the cat’s immune system.
  • nourishment: yogurt allows the cat to assimilate calcium, which is essential for strengthening the bone structure and the muscular system, potassium, which among the many properties is an excellent ally for strengthening muscles and especially nerves, and finally magnesium.

Can it be given to all cats?CAN CATS EAT YOGURT

To answer this question we must first of all say that yogurt contains bacteria that totally or almost completely remove the action of lactose, which we know is very often not tolerated by cats.

However, it has been found that in cats very allergic to lactose, yogurt can still be harmful. Therefore we always recommend that you contact your trusted veterinarian, so as not to happen in inconvenient situations, which can put a strain on the well-being of the cat.