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white jeans

How to combine with white jeans

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I love outfits with white jeans, not only for the summer as is often thought but also and especially in winter. Maybe I find an extremely elegant white outfit, maybe white makes me think of snow, but for some time I have been wearing white jeans a lot, in very different outfits and occasions. The combination of “jeans” and “white” allows me to combine the elegance of white with the practicality of jeans. And

since white jeans are back in fashion, I have selected some beautiful looks that feature white jeans.

White jeans: a champion of versatility

The first thing I want to make a note about is that white jeans have no age (like older brothers, classic jeans, on the other hand); they can really be worn at any age and for almost any occasion, except of course the most formal (where even classic jeans are banned).

In fact, white jeans have the power to look like simple white trousers, so they can really become a wild card for our wardrobe. For the office, for an informal dinner… white jeans are truly a champion of versatility and practicality.

# 1 White jeans outfit + white sweater or white shirt, in total whitewhite jeans

Choose white on white and be sure you are not wrong. In summer, you can combine your white jeans with a simple t-shirt or shirt (in linen or cotton) and that’s it.

In winter you can play with the thousand shades of white, from butter to ivory to ice white to create an elegant but very trendy outfit. Take a good look at the photos: you will notice that by choosing the sweater or t-shirt of the exact same white as your jeans you will get a lengthening effect of the figure, so if you are small keep this in mind!

# 2 White jeans outfit + black blazer or coat

white jeans

Among the most classic combinations and outfits there is certainly the combination of white jeans and a black coat or blazer. When it’s warmer and you can only wear a light jacket, put a plain black t-shirt under your blazer. In winter, on the other hand, for a more urban look, combine jeans with a gray sweater.

# 3 White jeans outfit + check or check blazer

If you love to follow trends, you like to experiment with trends and you love to try always different combinations, try white jeans with a gingham, square, or check blazer, with a masculine cut and fabric. If you are a trendsetter you can combine it with a rock print t-shirt, while if you prefer to move towards a more classic look, you can combine the masculine blazer with a super romantic blouse, with turquoise and ruffles (very eighties)

# 4 White jeans outfit + oversized sweater

The oversized sweater, perhaps ribbed or braided, is the maximum of softness in winter and, chosen in a neutral nuance, it goes perfectly with a pair of skinny or tight jeans.

# 5 White jeans outfit + teddy coatwhite jeans

If you bought a teddy coat last year, you did well, because you can take advantage of it again and again. It now seems to have become a passe-partout of the winter wardrobe, not only because it is trendy but because it is really warm (and cuddly). If you bought it or want to buy it, choose a light shade, close to white, and use it safely with your white jeans. The result will be a very warm, comfortable, and super trendy look, perfect for everyday life!