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Donkey milk

Donkey milk soap: surprising milk at the service of cosmetics

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In the food corner, you will find cow’s milk. But if you check them carefully, you may come across other, albeit rarer, types of milk, such as goat, donkey, or mare’s milk. If you still hesitate to use them for cooking, ask yourself no questions when it comes to cosmetics or hair products based on donkey milk.

In fact, when you look at the list of components of some cosmetics or hair products, you can find some of these milk. Some manufacturers also offer products consisting mainly of donkey, goat, or mare’s milk. It is no wonder when you see their many benefits, be it in beard soap or any other natural cosmetic product.

But in the end, what is so special about this milk? I invite you to discover their benefits on the skin through this article.

Donkey milk

This name is found in the list of components of some food products, but especially in cosmetic products. Donkey milk is the milk given by the female donkey. It is in this milk that the famous Cleopatra would have bathed in the past. Her beauty and youth could then be partly explained by her baths in donkey milk. Today, donkey milk is used to make soaps and moisturizers. It is also used in the composition of some cosmetic products.

Characteristics of donkey milk

The density of this milk at 20 ° C is about 1.03 and its pH is between 7 and 7.2. In donkey milk, phospholipids and ceramides are found in large quantities. It also contains many vitamins such as vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, D, and E, but it has been shown to have a high concentration of vitamin C. In fact, donkey milk contains 60 times more vitamin C than cow’s milk. In the composition of this milk, there are also calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, iron, and zinc. Omega-3, omega-6, proteins, lipids, lactose, immunoglobulins, and alkylglycerols are also part of its components. The above elements are found when the milk is not yet processed. In fact, when donkey milk goes through chemical processes for the production of soap or cream, it can lose some elements, or the content of these elements decreases.

The virtues of donkey milk

If Cleopatra used donkey milk for her bath, it is above all for its anti-aging virtues. In fact, we find many proteins in this milk and these are the ones that act to reduce wrinkles. The action of these proteins will combine with the action of vitamin E and vitamin C which will fight against the signs of aging, and with the action of vitamin A which will intervene in the metabolism of the skin.

Donkey milk is said to have toning and skin-softening properties. It is the minerals and trace elements, such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, zinc, and iron, which are activated so that the skin regains a better balance. These elements also act on the regeneration and protection of the skin. The vitamins contained in donkey milk moisturize the skin while maintaining its elasticity. With donkey milk, we can hope to have toned and soft skin. These are the properties that those with dry skin, sensitive skin, and irritated skin need most. Ideal therefore if you have a beard that itches, itches, or scratches among others.

Use a donkey milk soap or cream

If we already know its properties, we can already have an idea of the use of a product based on donkey milk. When buying a donkey milk soap or cream, you have to pay attention to the product, because it does not contain only donkey milk and this is precisely the problem. Often, if you see a product that speaks of a “based on” product, it is because it will not be very natural, and above all that there will be only a small or even tiny amount of donkey milk.

So be very careful before buying a product because you could pay a lot of money to finally have a very low-quality product in your hands. Fortunately, there are face soaps, shaving soaps, or body or hand creams on the market now that are really donkey milk-based. So yeah, we’re not going to lie to each other, it’s expensive. But it’s worth it!

Gentlemen, if you want to find a soft and well-hydrated beard, do not hesitate to opt for a shaving soap based on donkey milk. It will fight against razor burn while moisturizing the beard. You can therefore hope to have a softer beard after a few weeks of using the donkey milk-based shaving soap. For the face, it is necessary to take cream or soap suitable for this use. This product removes makeup, deeply cleanses, and moisturizes the face. To have silky and soft skin, you can use a cream or a body soap