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Canned corn

Canned corn: all the advantages of eating canned corn

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Corn is a cereal from central Mexico of more than 10,000 years ago. It was introduced in Europe in the seventeenth century and today it is the food that has the highest production worldwide and also has a very high consumption throughout the world.

We know corn as a food that can be eaten in different ways. We can find it in the form of a cob, in loose grains, or already prepared in tin cans.

In addition, it is prepared in different ways according to the gastronomy of each country. In Spanish cuisine, we take a lot in salads.

The benefits of corn

Corn has energetic and nutritional properties thanks to the number of carbohydrates it contains.

One of the benefits of corn is the vitamins that help the nervous system to function properly. To the vitamins are added minerals such as iron or magnesium that help cardiovascular health. It should be noted among the benefits of corn, the proteins, and the fiber it contains. These nutrients help regulate digestion.

It is advisable to take corn with other foods such as legumes, other vegetables, meat, or fish since these foods provide the amino acids that corn is lacking.

In vegetarian cuisine, it is very common to use this product together with other vegetables or rice and legumes. For example, in some parts of South America, ears of corn are eaten together with beans.

Why Choose Canned Corn

As we have already mentioned, we can eat corn in different ways, grilled corn on the cob, loose corn kernels or directly packed in cans of canned corn.

Choosing the canned corn option has its advantages:

Canned corn goes through a conservation process measured step by step so that the food arrives in perfect condition from the field to the table. They do not lose their nutrients.

The canned corn tin container is infinitely recyclable. The material used for preserves is a metal that, once recycled, can be “reincarnated” over and over again. A great way to take care of the environment.

Consuming canned sweet corn is a way to save time. You don’t have to do anything, just drain the water from the can well and cook it as you like. See in a salad, in a stir fry with other vegetables, or in a creamed corn. An easy and fast way to eat and also healthy.

Canned corn recipes

Now that we are clear that we want to cook with canned corn, we are going to decide what recipes we are going to prepare. We have chosen 2 easy and quick recipes to prepare and include this food in your menus. Take note!

1-Canned corn salad with beans and peppersCanned corn

The first recipe is a warm salad that can be eaten at any time of the year. Bring several vegetables and legumes to accompany the sweet corn to have a complete plate with all the necessary nutrients.

The ingredients we need to prepare this recipe are some Bonduelle products such as a can of canned corn, a pot of Bonduelle extra fine green beans, a pot of cooked red beans, 4 cherry tomatoes, half an onion, two green peppers, olive oil extra virgin, salt, and pepper.

The elaboration is very simple. We start by chopping the green peppers, the onion and cutting the cherry tomatoes in half. The next step is to sauté the onion, the peppers, along with the well-drained pot of green beans in a pan with a little oil. When it is golden brown, we put it aside.

Take a bowl and add the well-drained canned corn, the chopped cherry tomatoes, and the ingredients that we have previously sautéed. We mix everything well and season. We have our salad ready! Take advantage!

2- Buddha Bowl with canned corn and avocado

The Buddha Bowl is a vegetarian dish that is served in a bowl. You can choose the vegetables that you like the most and put them together. An explosion of flavors and colors.

For this occasion, we have chosen these ingredients: A can of Bonduelle canned corn, 50 grams of grated carrot from Bonduelle, A can of quinoa with a touch of Bonduelle, an avocado, 150 grams of lamb’s lettuce, half zucchini, 3 cherry tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, salt, and lemon.

To prepare this Buddha Bowl, we start by cutting the zucchini into strips, we cut the avocado, and we cut the tomatoes in half. We drain the tin of Bonduelle’s canned corn, the one with a touch of quinoa, and add the 50 grams of grated carrot. We put it in a bowl with the rest of the ingredients.

To finish, we season with a drizzle of lemon, virgin olive oil, and salt. Now you can enjoy your Buddha Bowl!