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trendy ideas for the wedding veil

5 trendy ideas for the wedding veil

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The meaning of the wedding veil varies according to the different continents, but what never changes is its inestimable aesthetic value. If you are wondering what the latest trends are, continue reading: we will reveal the 5 most current!

Since ancient times it was held that a wedding dress was not complete without the inevitable veil. According to tradition, it had to be worn by the woman in order to cover her face and it was only at the end of the ceremony that the new husband was allowed to lift it! Nowadays this famous accessory has become a stylish detail in bridal looks, like refined wedding shoes or sparkling jewel clutches. But what are the trends introduced in contemporary collections? Let’s see it now!

1. With headband or crown

The veil is often identified with the more princely and opulent looks, but what if a modern bride decides to ditch her precious diamond crown? The latest bridal couture collections show that a princess can retain her undisputed charm even by wearing a simple headband sprinkled with small gems or a refined crown to wear as if it were a headband. The protagonist of a fairy tale could never be defined as such without her romantic veil, which in this case will be composed of a very light layer of tulle enriched with micro diamonds and floral embroidery. These details together will give the bride-to-be a regal yet totally contemporary image, confirming itself as two of the top trends of the current season.

2. Vintage styletrendy ideas for the wedding veil

Before becoming a stylistic habit, the veil retained a strictly symbolic value. Precisely for this reason, even the most innovative designers propose classic shapes revisited every year according to the needs and requirements of a modern bride. Among the types of veils with a more retro look, the mantilla and the bandana one undoubtedly stand out. If you are not sure you know them perfectly, below you will find all the main features!


It is defined as a “mantilla” that precious veil usually long that is placed on the head of the woman framing her face. It can be worn as much with wedding hairstyles for loose hair as with upturns and is always used in the most romantic and timeless looks. It takes inspiration from the ancient Spanish aristocracy, but even in the modern era, there is never a lack of stylists in love with that retro taste to insert it in their presentations. Every year the innovative touch is found in the precious embroideries that define the border, so what awaits us for the next few months? Without a doubt, a great return to macramé and floral designs, sometimes re-proposed also in some focal points of the coordinated dress!

A bandanatrendy ideas for the wedding veil

A decidedly glamorous but also practical and cheeky solution is that of the bandana veil. Its first appearance in the world of fashion took place during the roaring twenties and then being dusted off by the bohemian style typical of the seventies. What is so fascinating about this veil is its comfort and it is no wonder that it is the favorite for bridal hairstyles for short hair or gathered in a tight bun. The chic note of the accessory, however, is given by the embroideries: also in this case, precious raw cut laces finish the perimeter of the thin tulle layer, emphasizing the fresh and youthful allure of the woman who will wear it.

3. Princely cathedral model

In the collective imagination, the veil is the accessory par excellence of the future bride with a princely charm. Long, very long, not to mention enormous, the Royal, cathedral or chapel veils will play a leading role in next season’s collections too! To best express a romantic look they are often combined with a wedding hairstyle for long hair and fixed at the top of the neck with a precious comb. Their excessive length leads them to be rather bulky accessories but for 2021 some luxury brands have decided to propose a smart variant, lightening the volume.

If in ancient times these pompous veils were formed by more and more layers of fabric, now the trend is moving towards an almost impalpable aspect with lace and embroidery positioned only at the bottom. In this way the general image will certainly appear more graceful and also the bride will be able to move freely without particular hindrances!

4. Sparkling applicationstrendy ideas for the wedding veil

To make both simple wedding dresses and accessories with a more minimal flavor really special are always refined decorations. Even a delicate layer of tulle apparently devoid of glitz can acquire a completely exclusive charm when adorned with jewel applications and small precious gems. For the bride to be who will celebrate her wedding in the coming months, the trend is that of beads which, as if it were a starry rain, will animate the long or short veils. The pearls presented in their natural shade are the most recommended to express an authentic beauty without many creators, just like that of a bride-to-be who doesn’t need flashy make-up to shine. The only accessory to wear will be her refined beaded veil that will give her a pure image with decidedly chic notes!

5. With blushertrendy ideas for the wedding veil

Do you remember what the original meaning of the veil was? As illustrated in the introduction, it served primarily to cover the bride’s face. And who would have thought that the most avant-garde fashion houses would have dusted off this concept to include it in their current collections? Once again we have the demonstration of how the past is the greatest source of inspiration, but it will then be the task of creative ingenuity to contextualize it in the present time! And to blend perfectly with the trends of the moment, stylists and designers have decided to express their inspiration through the details, with a particular focus on the applications of micro embroidery and small points of light.

The future bride will still retain that aura of mystery that has always defined its elegance but, if in the arranged marriages of the past the veil also served to hide a not too florid beauty, now for the man there will be no secrets. In his eyes, the future wife will be the most beautiful woman in the world!